Chapter - 12

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Aadhya's POV:

In these few days, Rudra has made me feel important. He used to come to pick me up at the office. We used to sometimes go on a long drive or sometimes he used to drop me home. He says he feels good spending time with me whether it is a long drive or just simply pick and drop home. He makes sure to pick me up and spend at least a few minutes with me. No matter how busy he is he makes sure to message me.

He always makes me feel special. I have become more comfortable with him. I look forward to spending a day with him. The ringing of my phone brought me back to reality. I smile crept on my face seeing the name.

So pick up the call without any delay. "Hello," a manly voice said. His voice makes me feel butterflies in my stomach. "Hi" I replied.

"What were you doing?" he asked. "Nothing just working" as soon those words left my mouth my subconscious mocked me saying, liar😂 Tell him you were thinking about him🤭

"Were you thinking about me?" he suddenly asked. "No" I replied before checking that maybe he was here. How does he know that? I thought.

"I know my charms baby" he replied. "Did I say that loud?" I asked myself. "Yes, darling you said it loud." I hit my head with my hand because of my foolishness. Now one thing is for sure he won't leave me without teasing.

"You can stop thinking about me just say and I will be there", he replied and I could feel he is trying to suppress his laughter.

"You called for a reason? Anything important?" I tried to change the subject. "Yeah, actually today I have an important meeting so I won't be able to pick you up. I will send a driver to drop you home," he explained.

"No, it is ok I will take a cab. You continue with the meetings. Don't worry." I tried to be ok with the situation but deep down I was feeling sad.

" No I will send the driver then I will be assured and can concentrate on the meeting" he tried to convince me. "Ok," I replied.

"I have to go but now I will not be able to text or call you. So eat your lunch on time and reach home safely" he said. I feel my heart a skipped a beat. Nobody in my life has ever shown this much concern.

"Ok, I will. You too have your lunch in time." I replied. "Ok I will and one more thing I will miss you," he said with sincerity in his heart.

"I will miss you too" I finally said. I don't know why but I felt like telling him. It was the first time I replied to him.

Suddenly I heard someone calling him. Then he said, "Ok bye I really need to go". "Bye" saying that I ended the call.

I pushed all those thoughts of not seeing him to the back of my mind. I drowned myself in work.

I looked at the clock and it was almost 6:00. Today I was really not feeling good. For me meeting him at the end of the day used to keep me excited throughout the day. The thought of not meeting him today really is really making me sad.

I packaged my stuff as his driver messaged me he is about to arrive. I took the elevator and started going towards the entrance. I have met his driver a few times but never talked to him. For keeping things easy for me he has sent his car which I can easily find. He knows I have really this bad habit of forgetting faces if I met them once or twice.

I spotted his car at the entrance. The driver came out to open the door for me. Saying thank you I sat in the car.

After a few minutes, we reached home. My mother opened the door for me. "You have arrived early today," she said. "Yup" I replied.

"Was that Rudra in the car?" my mom asked. Entering the home I replied, "no it was his driver he was busy." When she did not say anything further. I continued "please don't cook dinner for me. I won't be eating." Before I could continue she interrupted "why what happened? Did you have a fight with Rudra?"

Why would have a fight with him? I thought. "No I am just not hungry" I replied. Before she can answer I continued "I am going to my room and sleeping early."

Going to my room I decided to take a shower. Then I changed into my night suit. Today I decided to wear a night suit with black color and white stripes.

 Today I decided to wear a night suit with black color and white stripes

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After doing my morning routine I went to my bed. I messaged Rudra saying "I have reached home. Thanks for the ride 😊 Have your dinner in time."

Followed by a second message saying "Miss you❤️ and Good night😴"

I don't know when he will be free but I messaged him in advance in case I won't be up till the time he gets free.

I set my mobile aside and thought of watching some movies. I played a movie and halfway through the movie I drifted to sleep.

Author's Note

I would like to take a moment and say thank you to people who are voting and commenting on my story❤️ Thank you for all the love and support😘

Guys keep showing your love and vote for my story.

Guys keep showing your love and vote for my story

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