Chapter - 32

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Aadhya's POV:

When we entered the bedroom he put me on his bed. "I will bring clothes for you to change" saying he left for the closet.

I have been in this room before but today it feels different. It looks like there is something different with the environment.

Is it because of the thing that I proposed and finally the weight is lifted from my shoulders or what?

"Babe you go and change the clothes. I will go to the guest room to take a shower" saying he handed me the clothes.

"But why you can go after me," I asked. There was no reason to take shower there. When I know how much he likes his bedroom bathroom. This man here is obsessed with it.

"I don't want my girlfriend to wait for me" saying that he kissed my cheeks and left the room.

This man is really a man of words. By the way, I like the sound of a girlfriend coming from his mouth.

I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. My makeup was still intact but my hairs were a little disoriented. I removed my makeup from the makeup remover. Yes, now Rudra's bathroom contains all the necessary essentials for me. After my first visit, he made sure to keep all my essentials. The products are exactly the same brand that I use at home.

Though he kept a few clothes here he doesn't want me to wear them. According to him, he wants to see me in his clothes. I am also too obsessed with his clothes. I have kept his few hoodies too in my home.

I removed the clothes and disposed of them in the laundry bag. The water began to pour into my skin. I lathered his shower gel because I love to smell like him. Weird I know but I like it.

Washing off the shower gel I wiped the water off my body. I wrapped the towel around my body and peeked into the room.

Seeing no sign of Rudra I came outside and put some moisturizer on my body. I try to keep my body hydrated. It is a must-hack for every girl. (A/N - just a tip between a story😜)

He chose a shirt for me today. The shirt was nearly covering my things but I liked it.

He was still not in the room so I went to my side of the bed

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He was still not in the room so I went to my side of the bed. As I was having time so I decided to reply to bhabhi's message asking me about the update.

I clicked the photo of the ring in my hand and sent it to her and Shanaya. Knocking on the door Rudra entered the room. Oh God can a man be this perfect? He wanted to respect my privacy and ensure that I am in a good position for him to enter the room so every time he makes sure to make me know that he is entering the room.

Hearing the knock I went inside the covers and pretended to sleep. I don't know why I did that but I did that anyways.

I felt the bed dip which means he is in bed. I can feel he is checking whether I am sleeping or not. After he minutes he put his hands on my forehead and began massaging my hair. He knows how much good I feel when someone does this to me while sleeping.

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