Chapter - 50

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Rudra's POV:

Have you ever felt that time has stopped? Have you ever wanted to do something but could not move a single body part? You wanted to rewind the time but could not do it? Do you regret not saying things or doing things in a better way when they could be done?

Yup, I have felt all these emotions all at once. Sorrow, anger, guilt, regret, and much more all the same time. This was a time when Aadhya was looking at me smiling. And in the next moment, she was in my arms breathing maybe her last breaths. I do not know what to do next. I just sat there holding her in my arms, wishing it was me, not her. I wanted to see her smiling face one more time. Tell her how much I love her. Yes, I love every bit of her mood swings. Her insecurities, her fighting nature, her caring nature, and the way she smiles. I don't remember when it happened but here I am wishing to say those words sooner.

"Rudra come back to your senses", Dad's voice brought me to reality.

"Dad she" I was trying to tell him but the words could not come from my mouth.

"Rudra you can't give up now. Get up and take her to the hospital. She is fighting for her life and you can't give up now" he made me realize. Yes, I need to take her to the hospital, and maybe a miracle could happen.

I quickly stood up and held her in bridal style. I drove to the hospital like a madman. I don't care at this point if I die. I just need to hear her voice and see those eyes. After reaching the hospital I pulled her out of the car.

"Doctor" I shouted at the hospital. This time I don't care what people might think about me. I usually don't show my weakness but here I am crying.

I laid her on the hospital bed and held her hands. "Please Aadhya just once fight for me. Come back to me. I can't survive without you." With those last words, they took her to the operation theatre.

I was sitting in the hospital chair waiting for any news. Each minute passing felt like an hour.

"How is she?" Mom asked me.

"They are operating on her. I don't know" I told her the truth.

"Don't worry. She will be fine. Have faith in him" she directed towards God. I did not reply to anything. I am not totally against the concept of God nor do I have a blind belief in him. I believe in his existence but at the same time, I question his ways.

"Did you call her parents?" Dad asked me. I know her relationship with her parents was rough but I know she still respects them. So I informed them on the way here. The surprise to me was their reaction. They were least bothered about her. They were busy with something and told me that they would come once they get free. I don't want to burden myself with their reactions. I just don't care about their response. I just wanted my Aadhya to be ok.

"Yeah," I just gave him a short reply. I don't want to spoil my already spoiled mood discussing them.

"Who did this?" was the one question which was bothering me a lot. Who can be the person behind all this? It looks that everything was well planned.

"Police are looking into it" he informed me. "They will find the mastermind behind all this. You focus on Aadhya. I will look into it." Dad told me.

"I want the person to be caught soon. We can't risk her life again and make sure the hospital is secured" I told him.

Our conversation paused when the door of the operation theatre opened. The expressions of the doctor were not giving anything. My heart was beating with each step they were taking.

On reaching us he said, "Are you the family member of Aadhya?"

"Yes I am the future husband" I informed him. I can't wait for her family to come and then get the news delivered.

"Ok. We have removed the bullet. The bullet did not affect any vital body organ but " the pause that he took while speaking took my breath away.

Author's Note

Hello lovely readers🙋‍♀️

First of all sorry guys for not updating for so long🥹 but thank you for being so patient with me and waiting for the updates❤️

I hope you like the chapter and that your wait was worth it🤞

I hope you like the chapter and that your wait was worth it🤞

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