Chapter - 45

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Aadhya's POV:

Today was my first day with the trust. It was Saturday and was having a day off from the office. I woke up early and started to get ready.

Finishing my morning routine I did my makeup. I kept the makeup minimal and combined it with a nude shade of lipstick. I chose a grey plain top with a white coat. Paired it with blue jeans and white sneakers.

 Paired it with blue jeans and white sneakers

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Rudra's mom sends her driver to pick me up. He called me to notify me that he has arrived. Satisfied with my final look I clicked a photo of myself and sent it to Rudra.

I informed my parents that I was leaving not that care. Not spoiling my mood I sat in the car. I was scrolling through my phone when I received a message from Rudra's dad wishing me luck on my new journey. I thanked him then my phone started to ring.

I picked up the video call and brought it in front of my face. Rudra was still in his bed and I can see his bare chest. I know he will again go to sleep after the call.

"Babe stop staring. I'm all yours" he teased me. "Shut up I am not staring" I defended myself.

"How far are you?" he asked. "Just about to reach in five minutes," I told him looking at the map which was opened on the car screen.

"Ok. By the way you look beautiful and all the best for your first step," he told me and blew a kiss towards the skin.

I laughed at his actions and said "Thank you, Mr. Singhania."

"Now go and show them how great you are," he told me. I smiled at his words and checked that we have reached.

"Ok I need to go bye babe" with that I gave a kiss and cut the call. If I did not do this he would have teased me.

I entered the building and went to reception. "Hi, my name is Aadhya. I am here to meet Mrs. Singhania" I informed her. She just rolled her eyes at me and asked "Do you have an appointment?"

"No but can you cross-check with her and see if anything could happen" I requested her.

"Listen here lady we can't just call the top management just for you. You need to have an appointment to meet her else you can leave" she said in a harsh tone.

I was still stunned by her harsh words but remembered the words of Rudra. "First of all this is not the way to talk to someone. I just asked the simple question if you could not do that I could have thought of some other way. Now stop being mean and call her. If you don't I will make sure you are made aware of who I am" with that I handed her the phone.

I don't like to disrespect people but she was really getting on my nerves. "Mam you may go and sorry for my behavior," she told me.

"Just don't repeat this behavior you will be all good," I told her and went in the directions she gave me.

Reaching the floor I went to her cabin. Before I could knock woman around forty came near me and said "Do you have an appointment, young lady?" I am really sick of this question now. I can't handle another snobby person.

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