Chapter - 27

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Aadhya's POV:

After that day Rudra use to spoil me a lot. Every time he use to send chocolates and bring the food which I crave. Sometimes he used to massage my back to ease the pain.

Though we spend less time still he makes sure to give time to me. I know he feels guilty for it but I want him to focus on his dreams also.

Today I am going shopping with Pihu bhabhi (sister-in-law). She wanted to buy some clothes for herself and for the baby. She will be picking me up from my home. I wore a white puff-sleeve top with blue jeans. I have loosely curled my hair and kept my makeup minimum.

 I have loosely curled my hair and kept my makeup minimum

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I informed my parents about my plan. They cannot say no to Rudra's family so they did not object much. They are still mad at me for spoiling their family dinner.

I am least bothered about it right now. I know they will blame me for some days and then things will be back to normal. I had cried my heart out that day and now I am in no mood to shed tears for it again.

I went outside and sat in the car. As I entered the car I greeted bhabhi and we discussed the plan. She told me how she is enjoying her pregnancy. She is really glowing I guess this is the pregnancy glow that people talk about.

Once we reach a mall she dragged me to the shops. We chose a few dresses for her. While she was doing trials my phone beeped and it was a message from Rudra's mom asking me not to skip lunch and to take care of her. I replied with a sure and then kept my phone aside.

After an hour or so I asked bhabhi to have something. We went to have some soft drinks and some light snacks. Our orders were served and we dig ourselves into the food.

"So Aadhya what is your status with Rudra right now?" she asked. "For now we are just friends I guess" I replied because we never discussed our relationship with each other.

"Why are you not in a relationship? You can talk to me freely. I can be Rudra's sister-in-law but I also wanted to be your friend" she said while taking a bite.

"We really never discussed our relationship status. We started as friends but I don't know if we are in a relationship or not" I told her honestly.

"Do you like him?" she asked me straight forward question. I thought about it do I or it is just an attraction?

Thinking for a few seconds I replied, "Yes I like him." It was strange to say it out loud.

"So I will give you some advice. A relationship will work only if both parties work equally. If you feel you want to take the relationship to next level then ask him. Don't wait for him to take the step and remember one thing if you feel something go for it. This way you will not regret it."

I took a sip of my drink and said "But what if he does not want to go to the next level?"

She laughed and said "You are a blind woman. I have seen how behaves when he is with you. He sure has a fair share of women in his life but he has never behaved with anyone as he does with you. Maybe he is afraid that you will say no."

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