Chapter -5

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Aadhya's POV:

As soon as I entered my room it was not a mess. I thanked God that I cleaned it today else what he might think of me. Wait why do I care what he thinks? I am not here to impress him. I just shrugged all these thoughts and asked him to sit. When I looked back he was observing the room. Maybe he was judging me this thought itself made me uncomfortable. I just cleared my thought and finally, he looked at me. "You can sit here" I gestured to the table in my room. There was not much gap between us. There was silence between us. I was thinking how shall I start and convenience him to say no.

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The train of thought was broken when he said "Are you going to ask something?" I cleared my throat and said " Actually this is my first time meeting someone for marriage and I do not know what to ask" He cut me off by saying "Do you have a boyfriend?" I just shrugged and said "nope. Do you?" "No, I also do not have a boyfriend." I just rolled my eyes and said "I mean girlfriend". He just controlled his laugh and said "Yeah I had girlfriends previously." I do not know why I felt a pain in my chest. "So why go for arrange marriage?" I asked irritated. "Are you jealous?" he asked with a smirk on his face. I narrowed my eyes in confusion and said "Why would I?" He shrugged and said, "My parents wanted me to get married and start a family. I never felt those girls are the ones for me. So here I am in front of you." Not knowing what to say I just replied "ok."

Then again there was a dead silence. I really do not know why I am so bad at having a conversation. "Are you nervous?" he asked. I looked at the ground and replied "Kind of I am not good at talking to new people". "Ok, I will start let us know a little about each other," he said with a smiling face. And then the conversation went to and fro regarding schooling, graduation, and job. I came to know he will be the CEO of Sighania group of Enterprise which is passed down to him from his father and simultaneously working on building his own company. He loves to travel and hits the gym three to four times a week. His father will retire as soon as he passes the CEO position to him. His mother has her runs a trust which helps poor children. He has a big brother who is a doctor and is married. When he was talking about his family I noticed that he looks close to his family members.

"You look lost," he asked. " Nothing like that so do you really want to get married to me?" I tried to change the topic.

He looked at me with a smile and said "Sure if we know each other more and think we are compatible enough so why not. Let us take one step at a time. But wait why are you asking this. Don't you see a future with me?"

Suddenly the ground seems more interesting to me and looking at it I replied "It's nothing like that. You seem a nice person but you know there is nothing to try here." he cut me off by asking "why?"

I took a deep breath and said " You are a very successful and handsome man. You can get any girl to be your wife. Trust me you really have to lay a finger and the girl will be happy to be your wife. We do not have a match as you can see neither I am from the family that belongs to your status nor I am beautiful. You know people in our country talk so let us just face the truth we will never fit in each other's world. I was rambling all this when he suddenly put his hands over mine. I could feel the chills running down my spine and my heartbeat suddenly increasing.

"Relax and breathe," he said still holding my hand. "Don't think what the world will think and assume things in your head. Let us just try and then see what the future holds for us." I was trying to say something when he beat me to it and said "I know you are afraid and I will not rush things. But at least give it a shot. Don't you think that I am worthy of that shot?"

Closing my eyes I wanted to give myself a chance and want to experience love. My heart wanted to see what the future holds but my mind is still calculating all the possibilities of what if I fall in love and he leaves me. Will my heart be able to take that pain? For the first time in my life, I wanted to be selfish and let my heart take that decision. But my mind says what if I fail and he sees that I am not capable to become his wife. My heart is craving to be with him but my mind says that I am not enough for him. This battle of my mind and heart is still going on. Opening my eyes I looked at his eyes which were holding so many hopes. Just looking into it I said "Yes". For once in my life, I thought for myself and pushed all my fears to the back of my mind.

"I really don't know if I will be able to prove to be worthy for you but I will try for us." I continued holding his hand. "You don't need to prove anything just go with the flow. I promise the journey will be worth living" he said with reassurance in his eyes.

"I think we should leave. They are waiting for us." I said and start getting up. But me being so clumsy was about to fall and closed my eyes for the fall. Suddenly I realized that the fall never came. As I opened my eyes I could see him looking at me so close that I could feel his breath. My heart starts to beat faster than the normal speed. My eyes shifted to his lips and first time in my life I wanted to kiss someone.

Our moment broke when there was a knock on the door. We both straightened up and started to move to the hall where everyone was busy and talking. When they noticed our presence Mrs. Sighania asked me to sit with them. As we sat she asked, "what have you both decided?" "We have decided to try this out but we don't want to rush things." Rudra finally said. Everybody started congratulating each other and eating sweets.

"Mom dad we are just trying nothing is fixed. I think we should wait till then." Rudra disturbed their moment. Mrs. Sighania said " Ok we give you both six months. You guys know each other and then give us your decision. If it is a yes then we can have an engagement and marriage after that" "Ok," Rudra said.

After that, we had dinner and during the whole dinner, I could feel someone looking at me. I was too shy to look up and to save myself from the engagement I was ignoring those stares. After having dinner and a few discussions it was time for them to leave. As soon as they started leaving I don't know why I was not happy. Though we didn't talk to each other directly still his presence was enough for me. When we escorted them to their cars we were bidding farewell to each other's family but he did not send anything to me. He just sat in the car and drove away. I was confused by this behavior but shrugging it went to my bedroom. I did my routine care and got ready for bed. As I was about to sleep there was a notification of message on my phone. First I was confused looking at the message but as I understood who it could be a smile crept on my face.

Good Night and sweet dreams - R.S

Good Night - Aadhya

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