Author note

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Hello lovely readers, this is my first time writing a book. There can be many mistakes so please bear with me.

If you don't like my story no issues but please don't write hate comments. Let's not spread negativity.

I have used various pictures in this story. The credit goes to whoever has posted them. I have picked them from Google and Pinterest.

If you like my story please don't forget to vote and share it with others also.

Positive comments will always be appreciated and taken into consideration.

Everything in this book is fantasized and not related to the real world. So please don't compare it with the real world.

I am publishing it on my birthday. Happy Birthday to me!! Please vote for my book and read and share it will be the best birthday gift for me.

I will try to publish one chapter every week but no promises.

I hope you guys enjoy the book!!

Enjoy :)

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