Chapter - 15

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Aadhya's POV:

The sun rays falling on my face woke me up today. I looked to the other side of the bed and it was empty. I felt bad that he did not wake me up before leaving. I got up from the bed and there was a note on my bedside The note said Good morning beautiful. It was hard to leave you but I have an urgent meeting. Bye....

Keeping the note aside I went to do my morning routine. Today is my day off so I don't need to go to the office.

I went to have breakfast downstairs and then came up to watch some movies. I was scrolling the Instagram profile when I came across the profile of Rudra and I started to follow him. He was having millions of followers with no one being followed.

I stocked for a few minutes on Instagram. Ok, I will be honest. I read a few comments and checked a few profiles. You can call me jealous but there were many girls who commented on his pictures☹️

After getting tired of stocking his profile I went to read some Wattpad stories. Yes, I am also like you guys. I read romance novels and like to be in dreamy land at least for some time😅

I looked at the time and it was almost lunchtime. I checked my phone to see anything but there was no message or call for him.

I thought about calling him but then dropped the idea thinking maybe he is busy. I dropped him a message saying "Are you still at work?🤔"

I kept my phone aside and again engrossed myself in the dreamy world. Today I had breakfast late so I am skipping lunch.

Suddenly my phone started ringing and without looking at the screen I picked up the call. But my excitement died as I heard the voice on another side of the phone.

"Oh, Shanaya" I answered.

"Were you expecting someone else?" she asked.

"No why did you call?" I tried to suppress my sadness.

"I know the excitement with which you picked the call and hearing my voice it dropped. So don't change the subject and tell me. Where you expecting the call of the same person who is nowadays making you smile?" she started teasing me🤭

As she said that my mind went to Rudra and a smile started to appear on my face. "Shut up and tell me why you called?"

"I need your help. There is an important event I need to attend with Rohan and I need to buy something for it. I know how much you hate shopping but please can you come with me?" she pleaded.

Yeah guys I hate to go shopping it is so tiresome job for me. "Ok, I will come but only on one condition," I said.

"Yeah yeah I know your stupid condition I will do it," she said irritated. My condition is nothing but to get free chocolate for a whole week. I can buy my own chocolate but free chocolate is something else😅

I laughed knowing that she might be making faces at the other end of the call. She follows a strict diet and for her to control when I am eating in front of her is really hard. I am neither a fan of dieting nor of exercise. I don't have a model body and yes I am a chubby girl. I do exercise and various diets but for chocolate, I can never say no.

"Ok so where I will meet you?" I asked.

"We will go together. I will pick you up from your house be ready in an hour," she replied.

Cutting the call I started to get ready. I was in no mood to get dressed so I decided to go in some loose clothes.

(Author's note: I love to wear loose clothes sometimes. How many of you agree with me?🤔)

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