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Aadhya's POV :

Knock knock

There was a continuous knock on the door but I don't want to wake up as today is Sunday. It is my day off. As the knocking on the door continued I woke up and opened the door.

"Wake up and come downstairs to have breakfast," my mom told me.

"Mom, I am not having breakfast please let me sleep," I told her. "Today is your day off that doesn't mean that you will spend your day sleeping. Your aunt is on her way so wake up and get ready".

I groaned and said "ok". I entered the bathroom and finished my morning routine. After taking shower I decided on my dress and got ready to go downstairs.

As I was going downstairs I could hear the voices and I knew some serious discussion was going on. Reaching the table I greeted my aunts and took a seat. I was about to take a bite of my bread when they started having a discussion about my favorite topic ( Note the sarcasm). Yup the topic which I hate the most is marriage. As soon as it started I just lost my appetite and stood from my chair. I was about to go run upstairs when my mom said "you have not eaten anything". I just rolled my eyes and said " I have lost my appetite please continue with your discussion". "You cannot avoid it, eventually you have to get married," my aunt said. "Will do when the right time comes" saying that I ran into my room and closed the door.

As I was sitting and reading a Wattpad book I just got lost in my thoughts. Right now I am working as a secretary in a company. I don't have much interest as such in any field so I chose this job. I feel like I don't have any talent but I want to be independent so I have chosen this job. You people might be thinking that why I don't want to be married?

The truth is I feel like I am not ready yet to have a responsibility and all but you know how Indian society works. When you reach your 20s people are more excited about your marriage than you.

I was an average student in my school and college life. I don't have many friends or you can say no friends. It's not that I don't need them but I chose the wrong people so here I am all alone. I am an introverted type of person so I don't talk to people much plus I don't have a topic to discuss. I don't have an interesting life going on. I don't party, smoke, or drink anything. I have just tasted alcohol a few times but I didn't like it. So I'm just living a boring life you can say.

I don't share my feelings much with people and I have many insecurities. Living in a family where you are always being compared for your looks, studies, and everything so you kind of grow many insecurities and bottle up your feelings because the fear of being judged is always there.

Being an introverted child I was always being misunderstood so I have created a wall around myself.

Talking about my family, I have a father who owns a small business and a mother who is a teacher. I also have two siblings, a sister who is studying in college and a brother who is in school. I have a good equation with my cousins and siblings. They usually call me to share their feelings with me and I just share a few things with some of them. I can say that nobody knows all my secrets and everything that goes inside my brain at a particular point of time except you people.

You people might be thinking I live such a boring life with nothing much to do but this is my life. I can't say I love my life but this is what it is.

Author's note:

It is just a little sneak peek into the life of one of your main characters.

Hope you guys enjoyed it !!!!

Do comment and share your feedback.

It is my first story and I'm not good at writing and all. It is just a try and I am trying to explore it.

Will meet you next time. Till then enjoy and don't forget to vote.

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