Chapter - 57

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Aadhya's POV:

Have you ever in your life felt that your life is not worth it? But when your time comes you really wanted to live. You wanted God to just listen to you once and let you experience your future. Whole my life I want someone to love and understand me with my insecurities. No one ever did and then there entered a person who changed me. He showed me that I can be loved. He made all my fairy tale wishes come true. But I think God and this cruel world has other plans.

I wanted to survive for him and to see how my life goes from now onwards. I wanted to grow old with him. I wanted to have children with him and build a family which I always dreamt of.

So in all my strength, I am fighting. I am stuck in the darkness and crying there for him to come and save me. I am trying to be strong and calming myself down but the darkness is somehow consuming me. I don't want my life to end like this. I wanted my happy ending and the ending that I deserved. I am fighting for the life I deserved and for him.

Then a ray of light is seen in this darkness. At the other end, I can see him giving me his hand. His words were echoing to come to him. I am happy to see the love of my life waiting for me at the other end. I am running towards him following the light he is showing me.

I am crying and smiling at the same end. Running this much I am feeling tired and getting short of breath. "Love don't give up now" his words echoed again. I nodded yes and gain my speed. Finally, I am about to reach him and to the life waiting for me.

"Babe what are you thinking?" a voice brought me to reality.

I smiled at him and said "Nothing." I kept the glass at the near table but Rudra was quick to hold it.

"Stop I am fine now. The least I could do here is keep the glass" I told him. From the day I woke up he has treated me like I am made of glass. He is extra cautious with me. He has never left my side but if he needs to go he makes sure someone is there with me. His family is visiting me and keeping me busy.

"Come on this is the least I could do for you" saying he sat near my bed.

"Shut up you have done enough. If I ever have to repay you I think I would not be able to do it in this life" I told him honestly. He could have easily given up on me. When my real parents did not give a shit about me he could also have left me in dry. I was not his responsibility in any way but he did not give up. Not just once he complained about it.

"You know I can think of many ways you can repay me," saying that he started moving his finger in my hand. He started tracing my fingers and then move up to my shoulders. He stopped at my lips and then touched it with his thumb.

"Want to know how?" he whispered in my ears. Oh God did the temperature change? Why I am feeling so hot now?

It is your soon-to-be husband doing that to you stupid my brain told me.

Before I could say anything someone cleared the throat. "Rudra it's time for me to do her routine check," a doctor said.

"Sure doc," saying that Rudra got up from his seat but not before kissing my cheeks. I glared at him but my cheeks might have grown red. I was blushing so hard.

"Aadhya shall we begin?" the doctor asked and she was smiling too. As to save myself from any other embarrassment I just nodded my head in a yes. Then the doctor did my routine check-up and asked a few questions.

"Very good Aadhya there is so much progress in your health. Keep going and soon you will be released from the hospital" the doctor informed me.

Smiling at her I said, "Sure doctor." She left the room and I started to get up.

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