Chapter - 25

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Aadhya's POV:

I was sitting with Rudra's mom but my mind was somewhere else. I was thinking about the things that happened before.

I was never good with children I agree on that part but I have never done anything bad with Kirara. I know she is important in Rudra's life and I don't want him to be torn between us.

How can I create a mess without doing anything this time? I really fucked up the situation. I really should be given an award this time. I am really a mess.

My train of thought was broken when my phone started to vibrate. It was a call from Rudra. Excusing myself I went to attend the call.

As I picked up the call he asked me to come to Kiara's room. Why the hell he wants me there? She already hates me I don't want to spoil the day more.

I asked one of the helpers for directions. Following the directions, I reached the destination and is now standing in front of the room. I could hear the sound of them laughing inside the room. Oh God, now I am going in to spoil her mood.

I knocked on the door to bring their attention to me. The laughter soon died and they became serious. Rudra gestured for me to come inside.

I was standing there like I am about to get scolded. "Why did you do that?" Rudra asked with a stern voice. He never used this voice with me and I am hating myself to put myself in this situation.

"What did I do?" I asked him. They both looked at each other and then he said "Don't be so innocent. I can't understand why you will stoop to such a level. I thought I made it pretty clear that my family is everything to me, especially my princess".

Now I am verge of crying. Not knowing what to say I just nodded my head. "Do you know your mistake?" he asked again.

Oh lord, now what should I do? Not knowing what to do I just shook my head in no. "Princess tell her what she did wrong?" he said but the tone was soft this time.

I flinched when she came near me. I thought she was about to slap me but she pulled me down and kissed my cheeks and said "Sorry can you forgive me?"

 I thought she was about to slap me but she pulled me down and kissed my cheeks and said "Sorry can you forgive me?"

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I was shocked to hear everything. What the hell was happening here? Am I hallucinating? Too shocked to respond I just stood there in the same position.

She kissed my other cheeks and said "Sorry I won't repeat it again. Promise." I looked at Rudra in confusion and he was suppressing his laugh. What the heck is happening?

"But what was the issue?" this was the only response that came out of my mouth. She dragged me towards the bed. Rudra and I were sitting on the ends of the bed while Kiara was in between us.

"Actually I thought chahu (uncle) will forget about me if he marry you. I know stupid of me but now all confusion is cleared," she explained to me. I really wanted to know the solution so I asked "How?"

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