Chapter - 9

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Aadhya's POV:

Today's morning was somewhat pleasant for me. I woke up on time. I did my morning routine and went for a shower. After a nice shower, I started to get ready for the office. First checked my calendar for any important meetings. I have decided to go with a green top and black jeans.

 I have decided to go with a green top and black jeans

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(I Imagined her wearing something like this)

I looked at myself in the mirror and went downstairs. Everyone has gone to work and there might be no one in the house. So I decided to cook something for myself. I was craving cheese so I went for bread and cheese. I prepared my breakfast and was eating it. After eating my breakfast I called the cab.

I was sitting in the cab and checking my phone when I received a message.

Good morning beautiful ❤️ - R.S

A smile crept on my face as he read the word beautiful. No one has ever called me that. For everyone, I was never beautiful. Since my childhood, I have been compared with my cousins and sister. They always use to make fun of me. After some time these things did not affect me much but they have shaken my confidence. Shaking these thoughts away I replied to him.

Good morning 😊

Soon I reached the office. At the entrance, I met Shanaya she was talking to someone. I reached her and tapped her shoulder. Turning around she greeted me with a good morning and a smile. "How is your health now?" she asked. Not knowing what to say I just replied "It is ok now." Bitch it will be ok you met the most handsome man my subconscious mocked me 😂

"So how is work going on?" I asked her. "Work is work nothing interesting but yeah sometimes it gets hectic," she replied. Our conversation was interrupted when her floor came. "Ok then I will meet you at lunch," she said.

Entering my cubicle I saw a bouquet of roses was kept on my table. Strange who might have kept it? Maybe it is for the boss but then I saw a card on it. I opened the card which says "Have a beautiful day. This is my way of saying I want to be your friend and much more. Will you accept this friendship?"

I knew who might have sent those and this was my first getting flowers from someone

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I knew who might have sent those and this was my first getting flowers from someone. I kept them on the vase and clicked its photo for memory. I send that photo with a message saying Thanks for the flowers they are beautiful. My answer is yes 😀

I settled in my chair and started with the work. Suddenly my phone beeped. I looked at it and saw a message from Rudra.

Not more beautiful than you 😘 Hope to see you soon 🤩 - Rudra

Same here ☺️ - Aadhya

I send him the message and started with my work. Today's work was not hectic but still, there were two important meetings in the evening. I informed my boss regarding the meetings and started doing other work.

I was so engrossed in work that I did not realize it was lunchtime. I looked at my phone and there were two messages from Rudra. I opened the message and smiled looking at it.

I will pick you up from the office. Just tell me when you will be ready to leave. - Rudra

Second message -

Just a reminder🔔 Go and have lunch in time. - Rudra

I replied quickly saying I will tell you the time and you too have your lunch🍱

"Why are you smiling this much" Shanaya said as she entered the cubicle. "It is nothing. Let us go for lunch" I replied. "There is something surely but I will not force you. Tell me when you are comfortable," she said in understanding. One thing I like most about her is she never forces me with anything and always understands me. I just nodded and closed the files which were kept at the table.

Reaching the cafeteria we ordered our lunch and sat at the table. Shanaya told me she will be leaving early today as she needs to go to the party and asked me to join. "You carry on with your shopping plus you know how much I hate shopping. I will just finish my work and leave for home." I skipped the part where there was someone coming to pick me up. We ate our lunch and then went to work.

After reaching the office I attended a few meetings and completed the work. It was almost 6 so I thought of messaging Rudra that I was almost done with my work. I was waiting for his message but feeling disappointed I kept the phone on the table. Maybe he is busy or maybe he forgot.

Feeling disappointed I continued to finish my work. The clock stuck at 6:30 and still, there was no message from him. I was feeling pain in my heart but why? I was nothing to him and he doesn't even owe me any explanation. Maybe he decided that we are better without each other. Oh God, this is the reason I do not trust people easily. Why do I have to be so stupid and fall for his charms? Maybe it is for the best.

I looked at the clock and it was 7 and the last time I looked at the messages. I thought of calling him or messaging him again but I glanced at the number. Mustering all the courage I pressed the call button. The bell rang and it went straight to the voice mail.

Sighing I booked the cab since stupid me canceled the office cab because I thought Mr will be there to pick me up. I picked up my stuff and moved to the elevator.

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