Chapter - 29

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Rudra's POV:

Today my day was not hectic so I thought to spend some time with Aadhya. I called and asked her about her plans. She informed me that today she will be busy with office work. I did not force her much because her work is also important.

She is really incredible which she fails to understand. She never complains about me being engrossed in work and instead motivates me a lot. Even my family likes her. She talks to bhabhi and Kiara more and makes sure to help them out with their things.

She even went shopping with bhabhi for clothes. I know she hates to go shopping but still, she made an effort there. She even brought some clothes for the newborn from my side without me telling her. She also made sure that Kiara does not feel unloved because of the arrival of the newborn.

My family kept bugging me with the same question "when we are going to marry?" I want to marry her tomorrow but I know she is not ready. Even I am busy with work. I want to stable my work life first and then take a step. Till then she will also be ready. Hope so!!🤞

After attending a few meetings I thought to visit my family but they were busy with their work. I thought to go to my penthouse and relax for a bit. My plans got interrupted when Rishabh asked me to spend some time with him.

I asked him to come over and we could have a drink at home but he refused. He asked me to come to the club which we often go to.

Finishing my work at the office I head towards the bar. It was around 30 minutes from the office but a plus point is that it is near to my penthouse.

I entered the bar and the guards greeted me. I sat in the VIP area assigned to us. Whenever we have plans to come so we sit in the same area. I was waiting impatiently for Rishabh to come.

The club was not much crowded because it is an expensive one in the area. The lights were dim and the music floor was separated from the VIP section. Our VIP section had a white sofa with a center table. The lights were dim and of purple color and each section was separated by a glass door.

 The lights were dim and of purple color and each section was separated by a glass door

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After a few minutes, he arrived and we greeted each other. We ordered our drinks and engrossed ourselves in the conversation.

The music was light so we could easily hear each other. Rishabh seemed distracted as he was checking his phone again and again.

"Are you getting late?" I asked him. He looked towards me and said "No just checking if there is anything important. So tell me when are you proposing to your girl?"

I was not convinced by his answer but I let it slide. "I am not sure" I replied. "Are you not ready?" he asked again.

"I am sure I want to marry her but I know she is not ready," I explained. "Why do you feel such a way?" he asked. I just shrugged not knowing what to say. It is just my feeling. I can be wrong but I am afraid that my one wrong move will take us four steps backward. And all these steps we took forward will be meant for nothing.

"You love her. Don't you?" he interrupted my thoughts.

"I don't know about love but she is really important to me. You know anyone who will see her feel that she is doing good but deep down she is just broken. I don't know how these many insecurities grew in her but they are deep-rooted. She has built this wall around her in order to protect her heart. She shows everyone that she is not getting affected but she gets affected by small things. I don't want her to say yes because of some pressure or anything. I want her to feel comfortable with me. I want her to be her real self when she is around. I want to help her overcome her insecurities and feel her real worth," I explained to him.

He kept his hand on my shoulder and said "I trust you and I am sure she will overcome it."

"I just hope so man. I am ready to wait for her no matter how long" I said honestly.

"Man I never thought I would see this side of you," he said sipping on his drinks.

"Yeah, you will also meet someone one day and then I will see what you do," I told him.

"This is not for me and you know it. I can't be with one person my whole life. The thought itself suffocates me" he said with sincerity. I know he always says this to us.

"When she will come these all excuses will go out of your mind. I have this gut feeling that day is coming soon" I informed him.

"Shut up and don't say these things. Just say positive things man" listening to his words I started laughing.

After that we had a few business conversations and then suddenly his phone rang. He went to attend the call. I was messaging Aadhya asking where she is.

Rishabh came back and said "I have somewhere to be. I think we should head come." "Anything serious?" I asked.

"No just random stuff" he replied. We walk outside and our car was brought to the entrance. "Where you are heading?" he asked.

"I will go to my penthouse. I need to relax a bit" I replied. "Ok, bro. Good night and enjoy your night" he said.

I gave him a confused look but nevertheless said "Ok bye".

I played some music in the car and drove towards the penthouse. I parked the car and went towards the penthouse.

I was checking my phone and all the photos of me and Aadhya. This girl is obsessed with photos and I have made a separate folder for all our photos. I wanted to upload it on my social media and tell the world that she is mine but I don't want to overwhelm her.

I opened my penthouse and it was dark. As I opened the lights I could not believe what I saw in front of my eyes.

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