Chapter 2

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Ring Ring

The noise of the phone wakes me up. "Hello, where are you? Are you not coming today?" I was bombarded with these many questions as soon as I picked up a call. Checking the time I said, "Yes Shanaya I will be coming to the office but will arrive a little late as I have to pick up an important parcel." " Ok see you then" saying that she ended the call. Shanaya is one of my colleagues and the first person with whom I interacted when I joined the office. So we are like goto buddies. If we face any issues while working or are stuck somewhere we just go to each other and share our office problems with each other. As I have time, I replied to a few emails and messages.

Finally getting up from the bed I started to get ready. Before leaving I checked myself in the mirror. I was wearing a white color top with a neckpiece and skin color pants. I have tied my hair. (Sorry for the bad description please refer to the picture)

                 (You can imagine her wearing something like this

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                 (You can imagine her wearing something like this. I do not own this picture)

I know at this time there will be no one at my house so I locked the door. Reaching the main door I saw that my office cab had already arrived.

Sitting in the car I gave the address of the shop to the driver. I entered the jewelry shop and asked for the parcel that I needed to pick up. She excused herself and went to bring it. I was looking into the various jewelry which was on display. The salesgirl brought the package and I left the place.

As the car stopped I went inside a beautiful building named "Singh Enterprise". I joined the company a few years back and started working with my current boss for 2 years. Mr. Raj Singh is the CEO of the company and has taken over the company after the death of his father. He is a very hardworking person and respects people who respect his time. At the start, it was very difficult to deal with him since he is a workaholic. But as the days passed I got used to his working conditions. As a secretary, I need to arrange his calendar, sort out the files which need his urgent attention and other work a secretary needs to complete. 

The elevator opened signaling that I have reached my floor. Entering my cubicle I started to arrange the calendar and set the mails. After doing my work I knock on the door of my boss. Hearing "Come in" I entered the room. "Good morning Sir your parcel and today you have only one meeting which is around 4 P.M. Do you need anything else, sir." "Nope just be ready at 4 PM and send the files needed for the meeting. You may leave" he said all these without even having a glance at me.

I left the office and got engrossed in the work. I looked at the time and it was lunch break so I got and went to the cafeteria. "Hey girl," shanaya said as soon as she saw me enter. "I will order my food you sit at one of the tables."

After ordering the food I went and sit at the table where shanaya was sitting. "So how was the weekend," she asked taking a bite of her food. "You know me nothing much just the same. Read a few books and watched a movie and that's it." "You know you should enjoy yourself you are just 24 go out and have fun." Ignoring her statement I said, "so how was your weekend?" "It was really exciting Rohan proposed to me and we will get married in the next 2 years," she said in excitement. Yup, she has a boyfriend from high school and they look adorable together. "Congratulations I am happy for you so how did happen". She started telling me all the things and as a friend, I just listened thinking if these things will ever happen to me or not.

After having lunch I went to my cubicle and started to prepare for the meeting. The meeting ended after two hours and now here I am sitting in a car on my way home.

Reaching home the first thing mom said "your dad wants to talk to you about something. Go and meet him in the office."

"Ok will meet him in an hour." Saying that I ran to my room. After having a shower my mind was still stuck on the topic which dad wants to discuss. It might be something really important. Finally to give my mind a little by stopping the overthinking I got up and knocked on the door of the office. Hearing "come in" I entered the office. His office was simple with brown wooden work. (Please refer to the photo for imagination)

                 (You can imagine the office something like this

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                 (You can imagine the office something like this. I do not own this picture)

"I need to talk about your marriage and before you jump to conclusions let me make it clear. We are not forcing you to get married now. We are just asking you if you have someone in your life whom you want to marry then we will like to meet a guy. Marriage will happen when you both are ready. But if there is no one we will like to start the search." "But dad" I tried to interrupt. He gave me a stern look and said "we are not forcing you into anything just asking you right now. When we will find someone suitable you can surely meet him and decide. I will give you some time to think and you can tell me on Monday regarding your decision."

"Ok dad" saying that I got up and went to my room.

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