Chapter - 34

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Aadhya's POV:

I looked at the voice which disturbed our moment. There were standing Abhi bhaiya and Pihu bhabhi. They both were laughing. I was embarrassed that they caught us at this moment. My cheeks might be red due to embarrassment.

"Shut up Abhi. Stop teasing them. Look at Aadhya's face" she scolded her husband while trying to control her laugh.

"I am not teasing them. I am just stating the fact" he said in a serious tone. Rudra rolled his eyes at his words and asked "Now why are you here?"

I elbowed him for his rude behavior. "Sorry brother to disturb your moment but I am here at my dearest wife's request," he said and gestured to his wife.

Bhabhi slapped him on the shoulder and said "Actually Rudra I wanted to click some pregnancy pictures and I wanted Aadhya's help for that. Also, I want you to join."

"But you could have called" Rudra replied. "Ok brother no need to be mad. Aadhya you can kiss him again for me we are waiting for you outside" bhaiya teased him. Listening to his words my cheeks got more red. I am sure I might look like a tomato right now.

I mustered courage and said "No bhaiya Rudra does not mean like that. You are always welcome here."

Rudra and bhaiya started laughing. "Chill babe we are just kidding," Rudra said. I showed him my eyes saying I will kill you later.

"Come on guys we don't have much time. You guys go and get ready," bhabhi declared. "But bhabhi first have breakfast with us. Aadhya has made it" Rudra said and made a table for us.

"Just a disclaimer I don't know much about cooking so eat at your own risk" I warned them. Bhaiya just laughed and said, "This is much better than what your bhabhi cooked for her first time."

Bhabhi just glared at him and said "Don't be so formal with us. Come sit and we won't judge you." I smiled and sat with them at the table.

"Mmm this is amazing," Rudra said praising me. I blushed at his reaction. I know he was exaggerating to make me feel better.

"Yes Aadhya for the first time it is great" bhabhi praised me. I just nodded my head in understanding. We finished our breakfast as quickly as possible.

"Now chop chop guys. We are having a shortage of time. So Aadhya you go and get ready. Rudra you come with me we will pick up Kiara on our way. Abhi you will bring Aadhya in an hour. No excuses" she said all this in a single go.

We all started to do as directed. I went to Rudra's room and saw the dress and makeup already arranged for me. I was about to go to change when Rudra entered the room.

He came towards me and kept his hands on my waist. "We will finish what we started really soon," he said the last part in my ears. I smiled at his words and said "Go fast we don't have time."

"No first let me do this" saying as he kissed both cheeks. He was about to say something when we heard bhabhi's voice saying "Rudra come out else you will regret it."

We laughed at her threat and Rudra said "I will miss you. Come fast soon babe. Now bye, else you won't have a boyfriend." I laughed at his words and kissed his cheeks and said "Bye and miss me."

"I will always miss your kisses and of course you," he said and bid me farewell. I saw his retreating figure and thanked my stars to send him into my life. I am really grateful to have an understanding person in my life.

I went and washed my face. First I did my makeup and hair. I tied a low pony with a middle partition. The dress was an off-shoulder gown of yellow color.

Looking at the clock I checked it took me 30 minutes to get ready

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Looking at the clock I checked it took me 30 minutes to get ready. Satisfied with my looks I went downstairs.

Abhi bhaiya was busy with his phone. "I am ready," I said to bring his attention to me.

"You look beautiful. Rudra will surely lose his control seeing you" he said teasing me. I blushed at his words and said "Thank you bhaiya."

"Come let's go else your bhabhi will kill me surely," he said making me chuckle. We rushed towards the car and I messaged Rudra saying We are on our way to the place.

We were driving to our destination but because of the traffic, it was taking time. We had a few conversations but mostly ride was silent. I am really bad at making conversation with people. All the conversation was mostly started by bhaiya.

"Aadhya you know Rudra and I never had a sister. I consider you as my sister so you can share anything with me. I will be always there with you no matter what. Just remember this" he said and gave me a genuine smile.

"Thank you for being so nice to me. Sometimes I feel I am lucky to have you guys in my life. You all are a blessing in my life" I said with honesty. They have really been an important part of my life.

"We are thankful that you are there who can handle our Rudra. You know he is hard to handle" saying that we both laughed.

"Can I call you bhai (Brother)? Bhaiya looks so distant" I explained. "Of course, you can call me Abhi too. I am not that old you know" he said in a dramatic tone.

I laughed at his expression and said "Ok bhai is great."

"Now you can complain about Rudra to me. I can be your gossip gang. I am so cool you know" he explained.

"Sure be ready to hear Rudra's complain then," I said in a teasing tone.

"Sure madam," he said and saluted in my direction.

Our car finally came to stop and we reached our destination.

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Don't forget to comment your views on the story so far

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