Chapter - 4

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Aadhya's POV:

Have you ever had a feeling where you want to cry but tears are not coming? Yes, this is my situation right now. Lying in my bed still thinking about what went wrong. It has been a week since my talk with Rishi. He messages me sometimes and I try to ignore it but ends up sending a reply. Sometimes I even start a conversation and wait for his reply. I sometimes feel I have so much to share but there is no one to listen to.

I took a sick leave today because I am in no mood to get up from my bed and face this world. I just want someone to come and lift up this heaviness from my heart. I want to say many things to Rishi but I think it is better if we left things on a good note. My chain of thought was broken by the knock on the door. I tried to ignore it but the person kept on knocking. Groaning I got up from my bed and opened the door. "Hey, Mom what's up?" I asked her. "Neither you came to have breakfast nor went to the office so I just came to check on you" she looked at me with a concerned face. "Nothing I was not hungry and wanted a break so took a leave today" I tried to convince her. "Ok so there is this family which wants to meet you they will be arriving in the evening so be ready." hearing that the color of my face was drained. I tried to speak but nothing came. Holding my tears I said, "Mom you know I don't want to get married this soon." She cut me by saying "You are not getting married stop overreacting it's just a meeting. If you both like each other then we will think about marriage. So get ready on time and wear something Indian." I just nod my head and closed the door.

Laying in my bed I was thinking about my great luck. It was just one week and already I have to meet someone. Just great for this stupid thing I have taken an off from work. I can't imagine my life to be more perfect. While looking for a dress to wear I thought what could go wrong? Maybe he doesn't like me as I am not perfect. The least my family could do was to show me the photo of the boy or give me some information. But nope they all decided to tell me everything last moment. Arrggghh I was already sad and this new tension has been added to my life. Can't I have a life without tension? Is this much to ask?

After some time

I am sitting in front of the mirror and getting ready. I am really not a person who likes to put on makeup so I just applied a simple lipstick and I am good to go. I have straightened my hair which is a really big task for me. Girls can totally get what I am saying. I just went for a simple suit in pink color and wore heels as I don't have a good height. Checking the time I decided that I should just go and check if they had arrived or not.

 Checking the time I decided that I should just go and check if they had arrived or not

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                                      (I imagined her wearing this)

As I was about to reach the voices of people laughing and talking could be heard Just great they have already reached. As I entered the room everyone got silent and was looking at me. Oh god please kill me now I hate attention.

"She is Aadhya our daughter and Aadhya this is Mr. and Mrs. Sighania," my father said as he noticed my presence. "Namaste Uncleji and auntyji" saying that I went to touch their feet. This is an Indian tradition whenever we meet people we touch the feet of our elders as respect and they give us blessings. "Oh no in our homes girls do not touch our feet" saying that the lady hugged me. The lady looks to be in her fifties and she just has a perfect body. "Come sit here child," an old man said. The old man looks to be in his sixties and is tall in height with good features. Oh god, does this family has everyone so perfect? I am a little bit relieved thinking that they surely will reject me.

Soon the conversation started and they asked me about my jobs, future plans, and so on. But soon I realized that their son is not present. Maybe he also doesn't want to marry or something that's why he is not here.

"At what time will Rudra reach" my mother inquired. " He will be here in 10 mins," Mrs. Singhania said. I hope he doesn't reach only or better cancel the idea of meeting. 10 mins passed and still, there was no sign of him. I started to feel relaxed and thought maybe he has changed his mind.

After a few minutes, it looks like I ran out of luck because the doorbell rang and Mrs. Singhania said "Looks like he is finally here". My mom ran to open the door and welcomed him. He was being welcomed by my family and I am here looking at the ground. I never thought the ground will be so interesting. Finally, I looked and my breath hitched in my throat. He was the most handsome man I have ever seen. He was having black hair and alluring black eyes. He was wearing a shirt that perfectly fitted his body.

                                                (I imagined him wearing this)

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                                                (I imagined him wearing this)

I didn't know I was drooling on him until he looked into my eyes and cleared his throat. I felt so embarrassed and started looking at the floor. My cheeks were red and I am damn sure about it. Why do I always have to embarrass myself? We sat in our respective places and everyone started talking to each other.

Every now and then I can see him looking toward me and now I am trying not to blush. Oh God, why I am behaving like a teenager? But after seeing one thing that is straight is clear in my head that he is going to say no. Thank God I do not have to work so hard to convince him. I was brought back to reality when Mrs. Singhania said " You both can go and talk alone". "Sure Aadhya you can show him your room and talk there". "Ok Mom," I said smiling. Come on man let's just finish it quickly I thought.

Author's Note

Hi Guys,

Finally, there is a new character that has entered the story. So what do you think will Aadhya be able to say no to him or this guy will be the one for her?

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