Chapter - 6

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Rudra's POV

"Sir your meeting starts in 10 minutes," my secretary Sophia said. "Ok prepare the room and let everyone be seated I will be there in 5 minutes," I ordered her. I checked my phone and saw a message from my dad that he need to discuss something with me. Ok, I will meet you at home in your office I send the message to him and started to wear my coat. Today there is an important meeting with the board members regarding a big project. After my father, I will be the new CEO of the Singhania group of Enterprise. I am also working on opening my own firm. I have an elder brother who is a doctor and is married to his school-time girlfriend.

Throughout my childhood, I have been trained for this position. My family never pressurize me but it was kind of my passion and soon became a responsibility. I have lived my life on my own terms. My family always comes first for me no matter what. Being successful has many perks and disadvantages also. The main disadvantage is that people try to be friends with you for your money and friends so I have restrained myself from having many friends. I have two best friends Rohan and Rishabh. We are friends since childhood. They are like brothers to me from another mother. We always have each other's back.

As I reached the conference room everyone was looking at me. "Good morning ladies and gentlemen. I hope everyone is doing fine so let us start with today's presentation". "But Mr.Sighania will your father not be joining us?" an old man from my right asked. "No, he might not be able to come so it will be only me. And as I am involved in the project so I will be here to clarify your doubts," I said with a smile. "So anyone has any questions or shall we start," I said in confidence. Some of the board directors think that I am not capable enough to become a CEO. Though I have proved myself again and again still they think they can dominate me. One thing that I have learned a hard way is that if you will allow people to walk over you no one will ever hesitate to do that and they will do it again and again. So better show them you are someone and you deserve to be respected. With that, the presentation which will go on for hours has started.

At home

"Hi, mom where is dad he asked that he needs to talk. Is everything ok?" I asked mom as soon as I reached home. "He is at his office you go I will join you guys in some time." my mom said with a serious expression. "Everything ok mom?" I asked concerned. "Just go we will talk there," she said and walked towards the kitchen. This is strange my mom is never been this serious. I just hope everything goes well.

Opening the door I saw dad seated on his desk and working as usual. Shaking my head I entered and said "Dad you wanted to talk". "Yes come and let us sit first," my dad said closing the file in front of him. "So how was the meeting?" my dad asked. "The meeting went well dad and they are convinced to invest more," I said proudly. "I am proud of you son and I can now be assured that you will be able to handle the CEO position." my dad said proudly. I know there was a but here because my dad is beating around the bush. If anything happens in the office my dad is the first one to know.

"Dad can you come to the point," I said after finally giving up. He looks up smiling and said, "I always knew you are the smarter one." With this, I just rolled my eyes as he was simply trying to smoothen the situation before dropping the bomb on me. "You already know you are at 28 and we feel it's time for you to get married. Before you give us your reason you should know that few people on the board of directors feel that you are not responsible enough. So think of this perspective that if you are married nobody will feel the same." Before he could continue to further my mother came barging in and stood beside his chair.

"Stop sugar coating things. Let us get this straight you have lived your life enough. We never questioned you in these years and we feel it's time for you to get married. We are not getting any younger and we want our grandchild." "Mom you already have grandchildren" I interrupted her. "But they are not yours and do not give that bulshit that you never differentiate and all. We get that but in due course of time, you will need your own family. Come on son can't you satisfy our one demand." I just looked at her blankly. I knew when my mother demands something from us she gets it one way or the other so it is useless to argue. "Ok but I don't have anyone," I said trying to deny their offer. "We know so don't worry. We have seen the girl and we are meeting her tomorrow evening," she said with excitement. "Ok send me the address I will be there." saying that I came out from there. I can hear their excitement and this is what makes me happy.

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