Chapter - 33

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Aadhya's POV:

When I opened my eyes the first thing I saw was Rudra's face. He was staring at me like I am the most beautiful thing. I think I guessed wrong he might be thinking about how messy can someone look as she wakes up.

"Good morning beautiful," he said in his husky voice. I rolled my eyes at his words. Yeah, right I am looking like I am coming from a jungle.

"Do that again and I will make sure to give you a good reason to do it" he said in a challenging tone. "No way you are beautiful because I know why you rolled your eyes" he seem to be really reading my mind.

"But I am not" I argued. "You are and now say it else I have other ways to make you say. And say as if you mean it" he warned me. It was useless to argue with him and I really need to pee.

"Ok fine. Yes, I am beautiful," I said stressing the word beautiful. He kissed my cheeks and said "Good now go and shower. I will make breakfast for us."

As he released my waist I quickly went into the bathroom. I did my business and started to take a shower. As the water hit my skin it was so relaxing. I used his body shower and started to lather it.

After finishing my shower and found a dress for me on the bed. He is so cute sometimes I wonder how can I get so lucky.

He chose comfortable clothes but at the same time, they were stylish. It is a blue long top with blue shorts. They both were loose and soft.

I went downstairs and he was busy making breakfast

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I went downstairs and he was busy making breakfast. I cleared my throat and asked, "What are you making today?"

He looked up and said, "aloo parantha" (It is an Indian dish). "Can I help you?" I asked him. "Do you know how to cook?" he asked.

"No, but I can try but if you don't want to eat. It's ok" I said. Usually, my family members don't want to taste my food because they feel like I am not good at it. So I have always avoided the kitchen.

I extended his arm asking me to come towards him. I went and he put his hands on my waist and said "I will eat anything you cook and it is your home too so feel free to do whatever you want."

I felt so unreal that he wants to eat my food so I asked "really?" It was just to make sure I heard it right. He nodded his head in a yes. I got so excited so I kissed his cheeks and said "Thank you."

I soon realized what I did so my blush automatically came again. I tried to look down not wanting to meet his eyes. He raised my chin up and looked into my eyes. "If I knew it would take this to get a kiss I would eat your food every day," he said. I slapped his chest slightly and he chuckled.

"Now let us start," I said and moved him away and took his place. I started to make a round dough and then sprinkled some flour on it. Since he already prepared the filling the work became quite easy. The toughest task is to make it in a round shape.

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