Chapter - 58

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Aadhya's POV:

"No please Rudra I can't" I whined for the 100th time. He was making me eat moong dal for the last thirty minutes.

"Babe please you have even not completed half of this," he showed me the bowl.

"I can't Rudra and I am full," I lied to him.

"Yeah, I know how much full you are. Love please just a few more spoons," he requested again.

"No no and no," I declared to him and turned my face to another side.

"My parents wanted children when they don't know I am already having one," he brought a spoon near my lips again.

"I am not a child," I crossed my arms over my chest.

He sighed and put the spoon on the table. "Ok, I guess you don't want to heal yourself and stay here forever" saying that he picked the bowl.

"What is happening here?" Mom asked and entered the room. She kept her things on the table and came near me.

"Mom" saying that I tried to bend down to touch her feet. "How many times do I have to tell you not to touch my feet" saying that she hugged me.

"I think no one wants me here" saying that Dad entered the room.

"Dad" I smiled looking at him. He came beside me and hugged me.

"So what was happening here?" Mom asked and sat on the chair near the bed.

"Your daughter is behaving like a child," Rudra complained to them.

I glare at him and said, "Nothing Mom he is lying."

"Oh really?" he raised his eyebrows. "So that means you will be finishing this?" he asked me.

"Obviously stupid," saying that I took the bowl from his hand and started eating. Rudra's eyes were still on me and he was seeing me in shock. I would never have eaten it if Mom and Dad were not here. I don't want to throw tantrums in front of my in-laws. Plus they would have surely scolded me.

"See I have finished," I showed them the bowl. He took the bowl and passed me the glass of water. I gulped the water and it went in the wrong pipe. I started coughing badly. Instantly Mom came towards me and rubbed my back.

After some time my coughing got normal. She gave me the water again and said "Slowly and carefully this time."

I was drinking it slowly and carefully. "See how much of a child she is," he said and got up from my side.

"It happens Rudra and she has not done it intentionally," Dad tried to make him understand.

"Dad please this girl will literally give me grey hairs," he said and tried to control his anger. Mom and Dad started laughing at this statement while I on the other hand showed him eyes.

"Now come with me I need to discuss with you something," saying that Dad took Rudra outside the room.

Now it was just Mom and me in the room. I kept the glass of water beside the table.

Mom cleared her throat and said, "Aadhya I need to talk to you about something important."

"Mom you can talk to me about anything. Please don't do all this formality," I told her.

"Rudra told me about your decisions. Are you really ready for this marriage?" she asked me.

I looked at her shocked. Does she not want me to marry Rudra? Does she think I am not good enough for her?

"Mom, why are you asking this? Don't you want us to get married?" I asked her.

"No don't take me wrong. I wanted you to be my daughter-in-law. I just wanted to discuss like if you need time you can take it. Plus it will be a court marriage so your dreams won't be fulfilled" she explained me the situation.

"Mom I really love Rudra and I can't wait to call him my husband. One thing that I have learned in this course of time is life is too short. I have taken enough time and now I can't waste it more. I want to be called his wife. And the wedding part I am ok with any kind of marriage as long as I have My Man beside me. He is the one for me and I want to have a future with him. Because of him I got the love of family I craved for," I told her honestly.

"And don't tell him the real reason to marry him is I will be staying with you guys he is just the added bonus," with that we both started to laugh.

She kissed my forehead and hugged me. "I also like you more than him but don't tell him," she put the finger on her lips. After that, our gossip session started.

Author's Note

Hello lovely readers🙋‍♀️

If you follow me you would have known that this story is about to end🥹

I am thinking of doing an interview with our main characters😍 So if you want to ask them any questions make sure to write in the comment section. I will surely include it in the chapter❤️

 I will surely include it in the chapter❤️

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