Slave of a Billionaire by supriyak334
Slave of a Billionaireby Supriya Kumari
I moved to new town with my uncle and bumped into him. We hated each other from the start. When we bumped again it was the worst part of my life, it made me his slave...
  • billionaire
  • romancelovestory
  • romance
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Gang Leaders Girl by DeeSky111
Gang Leaders Girlby Dee Sky
Highest Rank #1 in Completed May 16, 2018 *42 in Romance* February 10th, 2018 "please stop!" I begged. he laughed and punched me in the face. I tasted the meta...
  • gangleader
  • love
  • romance
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My sexy new professor by miserygirl1246
My sexy new professorby miserygirl1246
Hunter Kane is beta for the Bluemoon pack. He's 23 years old and has been looking for his mate for the past 5 years. He decided to travel away from his pack to try and f...
  • romance
  • human
  • sexy
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His Unwanted Wife -EDITING by sweetstuff1111
His Unwanted Wife -EDITINGby sweetstuff1111
Sabrina Reed is Nathan Alden's unwanted wife. Excerpt** "I found her like this sir." Sabrina's eyes slowly open. She rubs them trying getting out the blur. &q...
  • marriage
  • anger
  • husband
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There's No Going Home (18+ Only) Complete by HereLiesSnoops
There's No Going Home (18+ Only) Snoops
"Calista." I breath into her mouth as I close the small gap between our lips. She sighs and takes my tongue into her mouth, tasting, probing, tentativrly at fi...
  • taboo
  • romance
  • maturecontent
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Until I Really Do (Completed)  by LeeleeKez
Until I Really Do (Completed) by Lily Orevba
(Highest ranking #30 in romance) His hand held firmly to her wrist as she made to leave the room. Fuming, she turned abruptly, her hand poised to hit him hard across the...
  • complete
  • husband
  • safelove
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Step Brothers (boyxboy)  by AidenSummers
Step Brothers (boyxboy) by Aiden Summers
[Completed] #79 in Humor I'D LIKE TO CLARIFY THAT IT'S NOT INCESTUOUS (THEY'RE NOT RELATED AT ALL. By blood at least...) New life, new town, new family, and a new... Ste...
  • hot
  • wattys2018
  • boyxboy
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The Mafia's Girl by MB-1992
The Mafia's Girlby R
Scarlett Liksis (Lik-sis), 23, had lived her life from a drug addictive mother, an abandoning father, a sister who acted just like their mother, and a brother who made h...
  • romance
  • alphamale
  • fight
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Bitter Brews ☕ | ✓ PUBLISHING 2019 by LillieVale
Bitter Brews ☕ | ✓ PUBLISHING 2019by lillie ∙ लिली
📚 TO BE PUBLISHED (Macmillan, 2019)📚 Twenty-three-year-old Babe (who goes by Barbara, anyway?) Vogel is ready for her next big adventure. Adventure with a capital B...
  • completed
  • love
  • secondchances
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The Stepfather by 1800SlapAHoe
The Stepfatherby 1800SlapAHoe
{COMPLETED} During her sophomore year of high school, Aria got held back so she's a year older than the other kids. Being eighteen and a senior in high school, she can't...
  • stepfather
  • teenfiction
  • 1800slapahoe
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His Unwanted Wife Again by sweetstuff1111
His Unwanted Wife Againby sweetstuff1111
This is the sequel to 'His Unwanted Wife' Excerpt ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Get out! There is nothing left between us." Nathan yells. "What do you mean Nathan? We're marr...
  • complete
  • husband
  • jealousy
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It Must Be Love (Love #1)  by Star-Shay
It Must Be Love (Love #1) by Star-Shay
Nigel Hamilton is a successful businessman and single father whose life basically revolves around his four year old daughter since her mom skipped out on them when she w...
  • humor
  • interracial
  • fictional
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How To Tame A Bad Boy ✔︎ by Ambersm
How To Tame A Bad Boy ✔︎by Amber Cloud
Highest Rank on Teen Fiction: #92 ❝He's on his phone, texting like maybe seven different girls. That man whore, I feel sorry for that poor girl he falls in love with...
  • love
  • completed
  • cliche
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His Obsession || Book One by XBeautyBrainsX
His Obsession || Book Oneby Stephanie
(COMPLETED) BOOK TRAILER IN CHAP. 1!!! I had just turned 19 and was about to graduate high school, entering into an amazing university. Surrounded by plenty of friends...
  • girl
  • romantico
  • steamy
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50 Shades of Kaep | Completed by OctaviaTheWriter
50 Shades of Kaep | Completedby TayWrites90
Brayden Richardson, 25 years old fresh out of Grad School from University of California San Francisco, is now working as a bartender, while desperately searching for a j...
  • colinkaepernick
  • nsfw
  • 50shades
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The 'nerd' is dangerous (complete) by _hello_hi
The 'nerd' is dangerous (complete)by _hello_hi
Alexandra Louise Bennet. The school's nerd, loner, punch bag, personal homework slave to the 'popular crowd'. Wears baggy clothing has one friend and gets bullied everyd...
  • love
  • action
  • family
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Oh Daddy. //j.d by fabulouslybritish_xx
Oh Daddy. //j.dby Fabulously British
"So have you thought any more about what happened last night?" I half expected him to have his signature smirk on his face but he doesn't. He just continues t...
  • sexual
  • maturecontent
  • ddbg
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Percy Jackson - Heart of Ice by Thatwriterguy1234
Percy Jackson - Heart of Iceby Steve erwin
After the Second Giant War Annabeth leaves Percy for immortality. Percy's heart turns ice cold after the "love of his life" leaves him. He decides he needed so...
  • coldheart
  • complete
  • percyxhestia
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Why me? [[Series 2]] MYG ✔️ by IMSugaWonho
Why me? [[Series 2]] MYG ✔️by SugaryWonhoe
I had to look my best for him. I had to look my best. WARNING - Some chapters may be triggering cover by: chimchimicorn
  • monstaxkihyun
  • complete
  • bts
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Married To The Billionaire Player | ✔️ by MarinaCostassss
Married To The Billionaire Marina Costas
(COMPLETE) B-1 "Along with that we will be divorced in 5 years! It's simple!" He just smirks at me while I'm chewing on my pen looking things over. "So, w...
  • arrangedmarriage
  • wattys2018
  • cheating
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