Chapter - 56

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Rudra's POV:

"Hello mom is everything alright?" I asked her as soon as she picked up the call.

"Yes everything is fine but you come to the hospital fast" saying that she cut the call. That's weird first she calls these many times and now asking me to come fast. I hope she is not lying and everything is fine.

I drove towards the hospital and to my luck there was a red light at every stop. Just great and now the time is getting delayed. I am waiting for the signal for it to go green. I was scrolling through the phone to check for any news or get any hint why Mom called me in so fast.

There was a knock on my window. I looked towards and there was a small child standing with some flowers in his hand.

"Bhaiya le lo na phool subah se kuch nahi khaya hai," saying that he showed me the flowers.

(Translation: Brother I have not eaten anything. Please buy this flower.)

I smiled at him and said "Sare flowers de do (Give all of them)." "Kitne hue? (How much?)" with that, I opened my wallet to give him money.

"300 ho gaye bhaiya (It is 300 rupees brother)" he said and gave the flowers. I took the flowers and gave him 1000 rupees.

"Enjoy," I told him and closed the window. He smiled and it was so genuine that it can be seen through his eyes.

As soon as the signal turned green I started my journey towards the hospital. Reaching the hospital I took my wallet and phone with me. I did not forget to take flowers with me. It was for Aadhya as likes roses so much.

When I reached the ward I could hear some noises from her room. As I opened the door I could not believe my eyes. I just stood frozen at my place and don't know how to react.

Finally coming to my senses one word that left my lips was "Aadhya." I ran towards her and hugged her. As soon as I hugged her tears started to flow. I was still holding her for a few minutes.

I left her after a few minutes and saw her face. She was crying and I wiped her tears with my hands. I kissed her eyes and then her nose. Finally, I kissed her lips. The kiss was just not a kiss it was to show her my love. It was to show that I will be always there for her and that I missed her. Our kiss broke when we needed to catch our breath.

We touched our forehead and now we were smiling looking at each other eyes. "I love you" I finally told her.

"Guys we are also here" my Dad interrupted our moment. We looked towards them and I was still holding her hand.

"Ok guys we are going and Mr Singhania don't disturb them don't you want grandchildren soon" my Mom said to Dad.

Hearing her words Aadhya started blushing and hid her face in my hand. "Mom" I warned her. "You guys are so shameful," I told her and massaged Aadhya's head.

"Now we are shameful really guys," Mom asked.

"Mom and Dad please go home and rest," I told them before their teasing will go out of hand.

"Ok, babies and make sure to use protection," saying that Dad winked at me.

"Dad" I shouted at him but it was of no use as they already has left.

"Babe you rest for some time and do you need anything?" I asked her.

"I need you," she said giving me a puppy face.

"Babe I am always yours" I pinched her nose. "You lie down I will be sitting here with you," I told her.

"No come here next to me. I will adjust," saying that she started to move.

"Aadhya no it will hurt you," I told her.

"Please" saying that she has filled her eyes with tears.

"Ok, babe. I will help you," with that I adjusted her on the bed. Then I lay next to her holding her in my arms.

"Are these flowers for me?" she asked the flowers which were long forgotten and kept on the side table near her.

"Yeah, it is but I did not know you were awake. There was a child selling these and it instantly reminded me of you so I brought them," I told her the story.

"Thank you," saying she kissed my lips. Every time I kiss her those lips become more delicious. It is like I can never get tired of kissing her. It is my new addiction.

After the kiss, she started blushing. I kissed her cheeks and she hid her in my chest. I chuckled at her reaction.

Then I remembered an important detail which I need to share with her. "I have to tell you something," I told her. Then I told her the whole story about who the culprit was and everything.

"Rudra I think we should let her get treated" was the first thing she said when I finished the story.

"Aadhya no and that's my final decision," I told her sternly. This woman really is something. Here that girl tried to kill her and she is defending her. I was very irritated with her right now. She has to understand everyone can't b given a second chance. I was in no mood to give that woman a second chance.

"Ok, I will not. Now cheer up" saying as she pecked my lips. My anger melted as soon as she did it.

"Ok, one more thing I know you have heard everything that your parents said. I don't want you to go to their house" I told her.

"Ok but I will come into your house on one condition only," she said and looked towards me. I raised my eyebrow and said, "what is your condition, my queen?"

"I want to be your wife. So my king, my knight, and shrinking armor will do the honor to marry me?" she asked.

"I know you are shocked and maybe don't want to marry this early. You need to understand this society won't allow us to live together and I don't want to go to my home. From here I want to just go to my husband's home" she continued. "I would have gone down on one knee and done the most romantic proposal but this is the best I could do given my condition" saying she eyed to all the wires attached to her body.

"This is the best proposal babe and I will marry you, babe. But I know you wanted a big fat Indian wedding. Please think about it. We can't have it here. We can come up with any solutions if you are concerned about what people will think" I told her.

"Yes I always dreamt of having a grand wedding but now what matters to me is you. I am ok with the court marriage for now and Mr we could surely remarry again" she told me.

"Are you sure Aadhya? Please rethink your decision" I told her again. I don't want her to regret this decision.

"I think you are having second thoughts about it," she said making a pout.

"Never my queen," saying that I kissed her pout.

"So it's final we will be marrying," she said excitedly.

"Ok, I will arrange everything and talk to Mom and Dad. Now sleep my lady it is enough for the day. You are still recovering" I told her sternly. She needed rest as her body is still recovering.

Kissing her forehead and holding her in my arms finally I slept like a baby.

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Hope you like the surprise and don't forget to vote and comment❤️

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