Chapter - 8

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Rudra's POV

I was introduced to the family members and now I am seated next to this girl. I got to know her name is Aadhya. I cannot see her face because her long hair is falling to the sides blocking my way. I do not know why I wanted to see her face. "Rudra what will you like to drink", Mrs. Chaudhary asked. I was about to say nothing when she beat me to it and continued "You need to have something no formality." "Ok, just a coffee," I said.

She sends the girl to the kitchen. I tried to look at her face but alas I missed the chance. I was discussing the business with Mr. Chaudhary while my mom was talking to Mrs. Chaudhary. I told him about some of my plans which are in motion to be disclosed and regarding the meeting today. We were so engrossed in the talk that I did not notice that the girl was standing in front of me with a cup of coffee. When I looked at her I felt that the world has stopped. She did not put on much makeup. She was having black eye color with a piercing in her nose. She had applied pink lipstick on her lips and they were looking so soft and sweet. I just wanted to have a taste of them. She was wearing a pink suit and was having long straight hair of black color. I was so engrossed in her beauty that I forgot that she was giving me coffee. When she cleared her thoughts to bring my attention back to reality I held the cup from her hand. As she realized that I was looking at her she blushed. Her cheeks have now become red. Then she sat in her position again.

I tasted the first sip of coffee when Mrs. Chaudhary asked "how is it?". I smiled and said "it is good." The coffee was perfect. I have a specific taste with my coffee not everyone can make the coffee to my taste but this girl just made a perfect coffee. It is becoming really hard for me to ask her to say no.

When Mrs. Chaudhary asked us to talk in private she guided me to her room. She was walking side by side with me. I was not able to see her face but how she was sometimes playing with her dupatta and her fingers I can guess she was nervous. It was too cute to look at her from the corner of my eyes. Wait cute? Did I just say cute? Oh god, what is happening to me. Shaking these thoughts away we entered her room.

As I entered her room I can see a combination of white and pink colors. The room was clean and everything was in place. Her room was having a corner where she kept the books while the other corner was having her closet and makeup products. I was observing her room when she cleared her throat and asked me to sit.

                (I imagined her room like this)

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(I imagined her room like this)

When we are sitting there was not much gap between us which I liked and smiled. I looked at her and she was busy thinking about something. Maybe she is thinking to say no or worst case she has a boyfriend. I gathered my courage and said, "Are you going to ask something?" She cleared her throat and said, "Actually this is my first time meeting someone for marriage and I do not know what to ask". I was getting curious so cut her and asked "Do you have a boyfriend?". She just shrugged and said "nope. Do you?" As soon as I hear no I just relaxed. I do not know why I was so tense. I tried to lighten her mood and replied to her by saying "No, I also do not have a boyfriend." Instead of laughing or even smiling she just rolled her eyes at me and said, "I mean girlfriend". I tried not to laugh at her and said "Yeah I had girlfriends previously." She just cut me off and said "So why go for arrange marriage?" I just looked at her and felt that she was jealous. Is this possible? Thinking she is jealous I smirked and asked "Are you jealous?" She narrowed her eyes in innocence and asked "Why would I?" I ignored her and explained to her "My parents wanted me to get married and start a family. I never felt those girls are the ones for me. So here I am in front of you." Then she just replied with "ok."

"Are you nervous?" I asked. While looking at the ground she said "Kind of I am not good at talking to new people". I tried to make her feel comfortable and talked about myself first. As I was talking she seems lost so I said "You look lost." " Nothing like that so do you really want to get married to me?" she asked me. I smiled and said "Sure if we know each other more and think we are compatible enough so why not. Let us take one step at a time. But wait why are you asking this. Don't you see a future with me?" What the hell. I was here to ask her to cancel the wedding but why I am interested in knowing her. She replied "It's nothing like that. You seem a nice person but you know there is nothing to try here." When she said that my heart sank and I cut her off and asked, "why?"

When she was giving the explanation I felt to kiss her and tell her how much I wanted her. Tell her how my heart is beating faster every time she is near me. How I just want to hold her in my arms every day. But putting all those thoughts away when I put my hands over her hands and said "Relax and breathe. Don't think what the world will think and assume things in your head. Let us just try and then see what the future holds for us." She was trying to say something but I continued "I know you are afraid and I will not rush things. But at least give it a shot. Don't you think that I am worthy of that shot?"

Listening to me she just closed her eyes. I was waiting with all the hopes that she should say yes. I have prayed to every God that please make her say yes. When she opened her eyes the word she said made my heart stop. I could not believe she said yes. I assured her by saying that "You don't need to prove anything just go with the flow. I promise the journey will be worth living".

Suddenly she said "I think we should leave. They are waiting for us." I felt sad to stop this moment. But as she got up she was about to fall. My reflex worked so quickly at that time that I hold her by her waist. As she opened her eyes I thought the time has stopped and it was just her and me in this world. My heart was beating so fast. I have been with many girls but this girl seems different. If she wanted I could give her the world. At this moment I realized that maybe I have fallen for her. Is this even possible? I have met her a few hours before and now here I am fallen for her?

Our moment was interrupted by a knock on the door. She straightened herself and we started to move to the hall. When mom asked about our decision I replied "We have decided to try this out but we don't want to rush things." Everybody started congratulating each other and eating sweets. I interrupted them and said "Mom dad we are just trying nothing is fixed. I think we should wait till then." Finally, the realization hit them and mom said "Ok we give you both six months. You guys know each other and then give us your decision. If it is a yes then we can have an engagement and marriage after that". Satisfied with her answer I said "Ok".

After that, we had dinner and during the whole dinner, I was watching her every move. She was just ignoring me and was busy with her dinner. After having dinner and a few discussions it was time for us to leave. I looked at her and wanted to take her with me but unfortunately, I cannot. I wanted to ask for her number but did not have enough courage to ask for it. We bid our farewell and I sat in the car. I did not look at her because it was breaking my heart to leave her. Without glancing at her I drove the car.

Finally reaching home I got ready for bed. Mom and dad were happy and I felt good to see their happy faces. I was busy scrolling my phone when I got a message from mom. I just smiled when she send her phone number to me. I saved her number with mine and with a red heart. My heart wanted to message her but my mind refused and said it is a bad idea. Finally, the battle ended and the heart won. I messaged her saying good night. I waited for a few minutes but when I did not get any reply I hit the back of my head. My mind was right it really was a bad idea. But maybe she is asleep my heart justified.

Suddenly the phone beeped I smiled seeing her message. It was just a simple good night written but I felt so good. I was replaying today's scenarios in my mind and soon I drifted to sleep.

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