chapter 44

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Jimin's love for cheerleading started when he attended a high school football game and witnessed the beautiful sport with his own two eyes. Before that he was into gymnastics like it was his religion, and he enjoyed what he did because it taught his body to be more flexible and resilient.

There was something different about cheerleading though, the people performing were pretty and delicate on the outside, with their cute sparkly outfits and their colorful pom poms. What caught Jimin's attention most was that despite being gorgeous they were mighty with their chants, fierce with their dances and flawless with their flips.

Jimin was thoroughly interested and since then all he could do was dream of flying high like a cheerleader, countless days, billions of hours, he spent imagining the adrenaline rush of being thrown into the air. But Jimin figured that it would never happen because he wasn't confident back then like he is now, he was reserved, quiet and the idea of putting himself out there scared the soul out of him.

It wasn't until a cheerleader saw Jimin's gymnastic competition did he get a personal recommendation to try out for his school's team. Jimin contemplated it at first because he was still struggling to feel comfortable in his own skin, he didn't consider himself pretty enough, and worried that he'd make a complete fool out of himself, making him a target for bullying.

Regardless of his fears Jimin gave it a shot anyways thinking that he didn't have much to lose because he still had gymnastics to fall back on in case all failed. Jimin was and forever will be glad that he did though because being a cheerleader changed his life for the better, it molded him into the lovely, confident and self driven male he is today.

So the fact that there was someone trying to take his passion away from him enraged him, Jimin never let anyone walk all over him since becoming a cheerleader, he learned to have a backbone, to demand his rights and stomp on anyone that tried to steal his pride. This case was different though, Hyunwoo had something that could tarnish all his hard work.

Jimin marched over towards Hyunwoo reaching out his hands and trying to snatch the personal explicit picture that was for his eyes only. The polaroid was secretly stored away in his desk, between cheerleading routine notes and Jimin never thought that it'd see the light outside of his dorm but here it was in fucking Hyunwoo's grasp, keeping it far away from him.

"What the fucking hell! You're going through my fucking things now? That's an invasion of fucking privacy, you are that desperate for me back than you should've never fucked up your chances." Jimin growled angrily going around the desk, attempting to do whatever it took to get it back, he was wishing now that he never took it, thinking of ripping it up and setting it on fire.

Hyunwoo was callously laughing, he rolled back in his chair and waited for Jimin to come closer, itching to get his hands along his curvy body but the cheerleader paused, stopping in his tracks refusing to give him what he wanted. "It's not an invasion if there is probable cause." Hyunwoo expressed shoving the polaroid into the pocket of his uniform, setting his hands along his knees and leaning back to watch Jimin glare.

"I had a suspicious feeling you were doing bad things in your dorm Jimin. I mean there are so many guys going in and out of that room and I was getting this feeling that you were selling drugs or something. So, I went through your things, I didn't find drugs but I did find this and it's so much better." Hyunwoo exclaimed, patting the pocket along his chest, grinning wickedly at Jimin.

"You're fucking insane, why won't you fucking leave the fuck me alone! You're stupid ass fucking cheated on me, you are the reason we broke up so why the fuck all of a sudden you're pressed to have me when you didn't give a shit when you actually had me?" Jimin questioned. His voice wasn't raised, he wasn't shouting because he felt a lump in his throat and tears were threatening to fall from his brown eyes.

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