chapter 42

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It didn't take long for the party goers to run out of the frat house, all of them escaping from the trouble that the remaining males Hyunwoo commanded to stay were about to get disciplined for. Seokjin, Namjoon, Jimin, Jungkook, Taehyung and Yoongi were standing around as they watched the other campus security leave and escort some students towards their respect dorms, making sure that everyone else was okay and unharmed. 

Hyunwoo had kicked Kihyun out, telling him to leave and that he'd report him for trespassing the next time he saw him on campus again, so he was long gone. "Come on Seokjin, I let you get away with throwing these ridiculous parties and all I ask of you is to not let there be fights, and ones like these, look at what happend! Our precious cheerleaders could've been badly injured and so close to the qualification tryouts!" Hyunwoo exclaimed.

The tall campus security guard was pacing back and forth, glancing over at Seokjin who was scoffing. "I didn't fucking tell anyone to fight, plus it was some stupid bitch from another school that started this! If anything he had that shit coming for trying to ruin out victory celebration!" Seokjin stated, he crossed his arms over his chest and huffed in annoyance. His shoulders were tensed, becoming frustrated until he felt Namjoon rubbing at his back to calm him down. 

Hyunwoo redirected his vision over to see Jungkook with his arms wrapped around Jimin's slim waist, spinning him around and cupping his face with large hands, kissing his lips and asking him if he was okay for the hundredth time. "I'm fine Kookie, it's just a little bruise, nothing make up can't hide." Jimin said with a smile as he pointed to the one spot on his forehead when Kihyun elbowed him after trying to drag him off Yoongi. 

Hyunwoo was fuming, he disliked seeing them together, hated how Jimin would giggling under Jungkook's hands and place his lovely plump lips on him, they were happy together and it disgusted him to no end. "Okay, enough, everyone back to your dorm! Except you Jimin, we need to talk, you are the cheer captain, so all this mess falls on you." Hyunwoo insisted shooing everyone that didn't live in the frat house out. 

Yoongi scoffed and stormed out first, annoyed that his skirt was practically falling off his body, it was ruined and he was sure that no amount of stitching would help it recover. Taehyung ran right after him, refusing to leave his side despite how he was being yelled at and pushed, he was having trouble keeping up though, Yoongi knew he was drunk and was using that against him to evade his desperate attempt to have him in his arms. "Get lost Tae!" Yoongi spat angrily. 

Jimin watched Yoongi and Taehyung disappear off the horizon, Namjoon was bidding his farewell to Seokjin, kissing him goodnight and leaving down the campus grounds. Jungkook though didn't want to part, he was holding onto Jimin's hands and telling Hyunwoo that he wasn't going to leave his boyfriend alone with him. "Like it or not I'm coming with him, I don't trust you for shit!" Jungkook barked bringing Jimin closer to him. 

Hyunwoo folded his arms over his shoulder and chuckled at the young football players persistence. "No, you're gonna go back your dorm like I asked you do, unless you want me write you up, you want be to give you a citation for disturbing the peace, for defying me and the orders I give out, or any other random excuse I can just come up with at the top of my head. Keep pissing me off Jeon, I dare you." The older declared. 

Jungkook was pissed, he wanted to continue arguing until he got his way but Jimin's reassuring hand on his chest calmed him down and he put all his attention back on his beautiful boyfriend instead. With a smirk on his lips Jungkook leaned down and kissed Jimin's lovely lips, his big hands were running down his boyfriends petite body and cupping his round ass cheeks, making him giggle and moan against his mouth in front of the one person audience they had. 

"Tell me if that fucker does anything to you okay, I'll be waiting for you in my dorm, doesn't matter what time okay baby, just come to me when you're done talking." Jungkook whispered to Jimin who was nodding and leaning back in to kiss him some more. His plans of hanging out with his boyfriend and grinding on him didn't go as planned and now he had to spend another few moments with Hyunwoo, his stupid ex-boyfriend. 

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