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What if it's us~ Carl Grimes Gay by Sisamae27
What if it's us~ Carl Grimes Gayby Larisa Stone
Max Dixon is Daryl Dixon's son. He is basically a mini Daryl. He knows how to hunt, track, cook animals, shoot a crossbow and use a blade. The only difference is that Ma...
Hold Me (ManxBoy)  by uglyfckinsunflower
Hold Me (ManxBoy) by Sally
What's so wrong with having a crush on your dads best friend? I mean, nobody will mind, right? I don't understand why people freak out about it. It's not like I, a 17 ye...
where to now? • jake 'hangman' seresin by W0rldWith0utSun
where to now? • jake 'hangman' ӄǟȶɛʀɨռǟ
Scott Mitchell is attempting to revive his broken friendship with childhood best friend, Rooster, but Hangman keeps getting in his way.
ignis | b. barnes  by -harrysgayvodka
ignis | b. barnes by r ‎✧
|PRIDE SERIES| Ignis (Latin) \ ig-​nēz / meaning fire . . . The school bell indicating the day was over was the best sound ever to James Buchanan Barnes. Not only did it...
~Hūñţěđ~ by NightcoreDamsel
~Hūñţěđ~by FruityDamsel
Izuku Midoriya, your average 19 year old Omega, finds himself hunted by royalty. The alpha heir to the throne of Nagasaki (idk bare with me), Katsuki Bakugou, is looking...
That time_taekook by twinkletae_Tk
That time_taekookby twinkletae_Tk
تایهیۆنگ و جۆنگکووک پێکەوە لەدایک بوون،پێکەوە یەکیان ناسی،پێکەوە تێکەڵ بوون،پێکەوە بوونە باشترین هاوڕێ،جۆنگکووک تایهیۆنگی خۆشەویست ،تایهیۆنگیش ئەوی خۆشەویست ،جۆنگکووک خە...
blossom out | minsung by masterof-none
blossom out | minsungby nat
where is jisung gets hired as a babysitter and meets the baby's handsome brother. what happens when he finds out the baby's big brother is an alpha? how his omega react...
Kingdom of Roses | Stray Kids Royal AU by elena24aly
Kingdom of Roses | Stray Kids elena24aly
What a cruel fate was destined for the heir of the Kingdom of Roses, Han Jisung, and his future lover, the Knight Lee Minho. Their story remained unfinished, so their so...
Only Fools Fall For You (SasuNaru) by ambrosaurus
Only Fools Fall For You (SasuNaru)by ambrosaurus
Naruto is now attending the best school money can buy... And he hates it. He feels like it's a place where anything and everything can go wrong... and Sasuke sure does...
8 sips of Poison | Stray Kids Mafia AU (part 2 of 8 sips of Wine) by elena24aly
8 sips of Poison | Stray Kids elena24aly
This is the sequel to 8 sips of Wine if you don't want to read it, don't feel obligated to do it I decided to write the sequel after consulting a majority One year after...
Shall I stay? | TAEKOOK by RejoiceJuliet7
Shall I stay? | TAEKOOKby Nive
Enemies to Lovers [SWITCH TaeKook] COMPLETED An heart-breaking truth sends a rich, spoiled brat Jungkook on a path full of remorse and guilt. Just when he thought there'...
Renga: Blue is all I see by Miyamora1
Renga: Blue is all I seeby Miyamora1
In this world everyone can only see black and white. At least until you turn 18. On your eighteenth birthday you can see the color of your soulmate's eyes. As you get cl...
South Park One-shots (taking requests) by Rivelia_999
South Park One-shots (taking Rivelia<3!
LOTS OF FLUFF As the title says, this is South Park one shots. It will have no smut. Just fluff and angst but also maybe some very light lemons or limes (whatever the on...
married to the mafia(skz) (B×B) (nmixx)(G×G) by Jebiwon_enthusiast
married to the mafia(skz) (B×B) ( Jebiwon_enthusiast
Remember Me by LillyRosethe19th
Remember Meby Lilly Rose
Once married only to divorce and be separated for 10 years. When Gemini gets into an accident and loses all his memories with the exception of Fourth. Will this unfortun...
Praise me, Love me, Kill me | Stray Kids AU | Minsung by elena24aly
Praise me, Love me, Kill me | elena24aly
"Be careful with who you choose to take home" A heartbroken Minho meets at his concert an innocent looking guy he hooks up with by the end of the night. Thinki...
The Videotape by OrphAn3d
The Videotapeby orphaned but lerking...
A videotape of a kidnapped victim was sent to the BAU, with no much time they have to find him before it's too late. But something is wrong with Spencer, and the team ca...
Falling For You~ YEONBIN FF by yeonbin_lover513
Falling For You~ YEONBIN FFby Lover Yeonbin
" You are at the wrong place pretty " Soobin smirked as he walked towards Yeonjun. " Hope you find a place to hide your not so handsome face when pretty...
𝕮𝖔𝖑𝖉 𝖇𝖑𝖔𝖔𝖉𝖊𝖉-  Lady Dimitrescu x reader -  -(female by gay4women071505
𝕮𝖔𝖑𝖉 𝖇𝖑𝖔𝖔𝖉𝖊𝖉- Lady M_E
This is a resident evil village fanfiction of lady d and her daughters. I have no idea we're this is going anymore 😩 enjoy. This is for mature audiences as well loves :...
Truth Hurts - A Drarry FanFiction - Discontinued by Vmadly13
Truth Hurts - A Drarry Tab
A drarry Fanfiction - After Harry goes through a creature inheritance he finds out he had been lied to his whole life, and that he wasn't actually the "Golden Boy&q...