chapter 14

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When Jimin and Jungkook left out of the dorm shutting the door closed behind him Hoseok wasted no time in lying back against his comfortable bed and bringing Taehyung's larger body down with him.

"I've missed you." Hoseok whispered in Taehyung's ear before leaving trailing kisses along his neck, one kiss after another stopping when he reached his lovers sharp jaw.

"Mhm, I don't believe you but keep going, lower..." Taehyung groaned. He had his upper body propped up with his elbows while his lower half rested in-between Hoseok's thighs. The cheerleader was wearing his silky red robe barely even tied up and showing off his toned abdomen muscles and black lace panty that he couldn't wait for Taehyung to slid off.

"I'm serious Tae. I feel bad, I shouldn't have ignored you like that. I'm such a bad boy and I deserve a spanking, punish me daddy, please." Hoseok whimpered seductively making Taehyung smirk. The football players parted to kneel over the bed, he hastily took off his shirt tossing it to the ground chuckling when he felt Hoseok fumble with his jeans.

Taehyung swatted Hoseok's hands out of the way, "Don't touch daddy unless I say so." He teased enjoying how noticeable it was that the cheerleader squirming under him. Hoseok opened his legs even more allowing for his lover to see how hard he was growing his tiny panty, his untied the robe and ran his owns hands along his torso, pinching at his own nipples with desire.

Biting his lip Taehyung's fingers caressed Hoseok's thighs, soft and smooth skin becoming goosebumps under his touch that continued on navigating towards the heat between his legs.

With a few fingers gripping onto the thing string of Hoseok's underwear Taehyung slowly began bringing them down, the were almost below his knee when the door swung wide open to reveal Yoongi.

"Oh shit, I'm sorry. I was looking for Jimin, sorry." Yoongi mumbled with blush on his cheeks, his eyes were shifting between Taehyung's naked upper body to Hoseok's angry face and towards Jimin's bed to see it empty and made like he wasn't planning on sleeping it tonight.

"Yoongi get the fuck out!" Hoseok screamed but Yoongi was paralyzed though, he couldn't bring himself to move, his stupid feet wouldn't grant him the power to run out of the room where he was clearly not wanted and his eyes.

The more Yoongi stayed in the dorm the more he got stuck staring at Taehyung's nicely formed body. His smooth darker skin was mesmerizing, and Yoongi hated that he had begun to wonder what it tasted like against his tongue.

"What the fuck are you waiting for leave!" Hoseok shouted again angrily sitting up to toss his pillow in Yoongi's direction and the smack of the fluffy flower decorated head rest made the other cheerleader react.

"Sorry, I'm sorry." Yoongi mumbled again for the hundred time before fumbling with the door opening it and running out quickly ignoring his name being called out.

"Fucking shit, well now that he's gone where were we?" Hoseok sang while he lied against his bed, he stretched his arms back arching his back as he waited for Taehyung to begin touching him and devouring him the entire night. But Taehyung couldn't take his eyes off the door, still staring at the spot where he saw Yoongi last.

"Tae, what gives you gonna fuck me or not?" Hoseok asked pouting his lips and furrowing his eyebrows. He took a hold of Taehyung's chin, forcing him to glance into his direction instead catching the apologetic look in his lovers eyes.

"Sorry, yeah of course. That's why I'm here." Taehyung stated smiling down at Hoseok pushing back the vision of Yoongi standing there blushing out of his mind.

Hoseok's lips curved up into a big smile when he felt Taehyung lower himself to plant kisses along his chest, his tongue running along his heated skin before sucking on his nipples.

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