chapter 18

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I'm sorry for the lack of jikook these past chapters ):

Yoongi deepened the kiss, slowly opening his mouth a little wider and letting the thick wet tongue hungrily glide against his. He nearly moaned out until Taehyung pulled away to speak, "Okay, done." Taehyung breathed out smirking down at the glass bottle getting ready to spin it and avoiding everyone's confused eyes.

"Well who did he kiss?" Seokjin questioned glancing around at the other six males who were shrugging and questioning one another. "It's a special little secret between me and that person." Taehyung expressed in Seokjin's direction before quickly smiling over at Yoongi who was blushing hard, then becoming even more flustered when the handsome football player winked at him and blew him an air kiss. 

Hoseok was frowning harder than he's ever frowned before, his furious eyes were glancing around the room to read everyone's reaction. He thought that maybe Taehyung used this chance to kiss Jimin but the pretty little cheerleader was sighing out in relief and telling Jungkook that he wasn't the one that tasted Taehyung's mouth. Confusion was settled in Hoseok's chest until his eyes looked beside him to see Yoongi. 

Everyone had moved on from Taehyung's dare except for Yoongi though, Hoseok noticed how he couldn't bring his eyes up to watch the taller male spin the bottle and laugh his gorgeous smile when it landed on Jungkook again. Yoongi had tried his best to hide how much he enjoyed Taehyung's lips on his but the blush on his fair skin was dead give away and Hoseok was fucking livid.

"Are you fucking kidding me? He chose to kiss Yoongi! Why?!" Hoseok internally screamed, gripping angrily at his skirt not even noticing how his nails were embedding to his own skin. The agreement between him and Taehyung was strictly sex related, they never even cuddled or slept in the same bed after fucking hard and for hours to avoid the other from falling and catching feelings. 

Hoseok agreed to the terms, he even had those set rules with other guys he met up with but ugly envy rose in his chest just thinking about Taehyung getting cozy with someone else. Yoongi wasn't the type to engage in one night stands, or meaningless sex so it baffled him as to why he was getting interested in someone like Taehyung. "Couldn't get Jimin so you wanna take Tae away from me?" 

Their game continued on, with it unfortunately always landing on Jungkook despite him wanting to keep his personal like to himself and ultimately he was forced to chug down several drinks making Taehyung scold him and toss things in his direction every time. "If this lands on Jungkook again then I'm going back to my dorm." Taehyung grumbled spinning the bottle again. 

This time though, it landed on the most quietest person of the entire group, Yoongi. A giant gulp could be seen going down Yoongi's throat when he glanced up to lock eyes with Taehyung who was smiling fondly and thinking of the least embarrassing question to throw at the cute smaller male. That was until Hoseok interjected," Yoongi, what's the biggest secret that you're keeping from someone or everyone in this room?"

Taehyung glanced over nervously to see Hoseok smirking deviously, hiding who he was hooking up with or who he had strong feelings for wasn't Taehyung's style, but he could see the way Yoongi shifted uncomfortably on the pillow below him. He had cleared his throat and pinched at his own skin, wishing he could tolerate another drink because he didn't not want to spill the drama circling around him in front of everyone. 

"Or drink and end up spilling it out later anyways. You should just get over with it now Yoongi, secrets always find their way out of the dark and into the light." Hoseok mentioned and everyone could read the callousness behind his words. "I, m-my secret, its that I, uhm." Yoongi stumbled over his words, his heart pounding hard in his chest and his breathing was getting swallow. 

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