chapter 32

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Worn out and with muscles aching Jungkook flopped onto his bed, Taehyung did the same grumbling into his pillow, something inaudible but he heard the name Yoongi. "Are you gonna go see him?" Jungkook questioned slightly lifting his head to see Taehyung rolling out of his bed and thumping to the ground to groan and whine some more. 

"Gotta go see my baby, we already made plans I don't want him to think I'm a liar even if I wanna sleep and rest for the next century." Taehyung mentioned staring up at the ceiling, his mind was telling him to move a limb already but his body wasn't cooperating, not one bit. "Gahhh, I can't move, Jeon carry me to him please!" Taehyung pleaded with a fake cry. 

Jungkook laughed into his pillow but when his abdomen flexed a sharp pain was inflicted on him and all he wanted to do was curl up in his blanket and cry because Namjoon worked them to death. "Fuck no! Call Yoongi and tell him to come carry you like the giant baby you are." Jungkook snickered turning over on the bed to face the ceiling as well. 

"You fucking suck Jeon! We are no longer secret lovers you here me!" Taehyung huffed out in annoyance, he lifted himself off the ground and dragged his feet towards his closet. He was cursing Jungkook who was spitting some playful words back at him as he moved towards the bathroom, on a mission to get dressed quickly when he heard a knock on the dorm room.

Taehyung glanced over at Jungkook who shrugged and nuzzled into his pillow, he wasn't expecting anyone that he knew of so he listened in on the taller making his way towards the door. He heard a surprised chuckle when Taehyung swung it open to reveal two small cheerleaders standing with giant smiles on their faces.

"Hey we heard Namjoon was super strict today, so we figured that we'd bring the fun to you guys." Jimin spoke up getting Taehyung to raise an eyebrow with a mischievous smirk, he glanced down at Yoongi to see that he was holding a grocery bag and nodding his head agreeing with his cheer captain. 

Taehyung shifted to his side and leaned against the doorway, his eyes shifting from Yoongi to Jimin and back until chuckle out. "Fun? Like orgy, what kind of kinky stuff did you guys have planned?" Taehyung teased earning a soft punch from Yoongi, his fist landing exactly where he was injured at practice, the soreness making him double over.  

Jimin rolled his eyes, he shoved past Taehyung to see Jungkook sitting up on the bed and the cheerleader quickly leaped over to him to wrap his arms around his neck. Jungkook suppressed the pained groan and squeezed Jimin back, holding him tight by the waist and pulling him to straddle his lap so he could leave a kiss on his lips. 

"Did you miss me? I thought you said you wanted to focus on class work today." Jungkook questioned getting Jimin to shake his head between their kisses, his lips moving to brush along his neck and inhaling the comforting musky scent that made his worries wash away like a protective blanket. 

"I missed you so much, my work can wait until tomorrow." Jimin whispered clinging to Jungkook's body tightly. The football player could feel the stressful tension in the cheerleaders lower back, so he rubbed soothing circles along it pressing his fingers deeply into his muscles and not stopping there, he moved them down to massage Jimin's bottom as well.

Jimin rested his head along Jungkook's shoulder, his eyes fluttered shut and he let out soft little moans feeling his sore muscles become more relaxed little by little and all thanks to his handsome boyfriend. "Keep going, lower, right there." Jimin whispered in Jungkook's ears and if he wasn't so tired himself he'd be turned on. 

Taehyung and Yoongi awkwardly sat on the other side of the dorm, trying their best not to stare the two getting too frisky in front of them. "So did you wanna go to your dorm? Or are you still too sore to go some more rounds?" Taehyung asked the smaller male, sliding his hand along Yoongi's thigh, liking how he was wearing athletic shorts and exposing his legs. 

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