chapter 07

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"Oh my fucking god is he okay, did something happen? I swear I'll rip off Taehyung's dick with my bare fucking hands if he laid a finger on him!" Yoongi angrily shouted when he reached the stop of the stairs to find Jungkook down the hall holding Jimin in his strong arms.

The sight of Jimin's unconscious body resting along the jocks chest enraged Yoongi a little deep down to his core but honestly he had more faith in Jungkook's behavior over his douchebag best friend Taehyung who was notorious for fucking around.

"He's fine, he really was drunk though, he's gonna have a nasty hangover when he wakes up. So, where's his dorm?" Jungkook questioned as he moved his vision from Yoongi's expressionless face to glance back at the Jimin's pretty self, smiling to himself at how tiny the cheerleader was from his point of view.

Jimin was light as a feather and now it made sense as to how he could preform so many flips in the air, he maintained his body well, dedicated himself to being fit and in shape and it sure did show from his rock hard abdomen to his strong thick thighs.

Jungkook had been so worried over Jimin being violated by Taehyung and fearful that he'd hit his head when he passed out that he forgot the sexy little outfit the cheerleader had on. A nervous gulp could be seen along Jungkook's neck when his eyes trailed from Jimin's plump lips that no longer were stained pink to gawk at his bare thighs that were warm against his hands.

"Don't bother, I can take him." Yoongi mentioned reaching out his arms to motion for Jungkook to hand him over already because he could see the hungry look in the jocks eyes as he studied Jimin's sensual body. "I'll take him back to his dorm and you can continue drinking with your lame ass jock friends." Yoongi declared with disgust.

Jungkook shook his head though refusing to give Jimin over, not because he wanted to have him all to himself to do unthinkable things to his limp petite figure but because he wanted to make sure that Jimin would actually be out of harms way and Yoongi didn't look like he could carry him down the stairs.

"I don't mind, I don't plan on sticking around here anymore anyways. I don't have bad intentions Yoongi, just let me take carry him." Jungkook exclaimed and even though Yoongi wanted to protest and tear Jimin from Jungkook's arms he realized that if he took it upon himself to take Jimin home they'd probably tumble and break their necks along the way.

"Fine." Yoongi groaned out in annoyance as he spun around to make his way back towards the stairs. Jungkook followed behind, holding Jimin close to his body and sneakily sniffing his soft blonde hair from time to time adoring the way his long locks smelled like fresh peaches.

Yoongi made it down the stairs when he saw Taehyung approaching them, his eyes looking past him to stare at Jungkook holding Jimin. "What the hell happened to Jimin?" Taehyung chuckled flicking a blond strand from the cheerleaders face and cooing at how adorable he appeared sleeping like a drunken baby.

"Don't fucking touch him!" Yoongi barked angrily slapping the taller males hand away, "Luckily he escaped from you before passing out, who fucking knows what your sick and twisted mind would've done to him!" Yoongi shouted as he glared daggers at Taehyung who was utterly confused by the sudden hostile demeanor and the horrid assumptions.

"Tae, I'm taking Jimin back, see you back at the dorm though, and please stop drinking we have drill training tomorrow remember." Jungkook mentioned before being pulled away from his best friend by Yoongi who was leading him towards the exit to leave the situation as soon as possible.

It was obvious that the party wasn't going to end soon even if it was 2am now because all the drunken students surrounding them were still dancing hard and taking their billionth shot of the night. Jungkook would barely notice anything or anyone around him though because his biggest concern was Jimin, the only reason he went to the party was because of Jimin who was resting in his arms now.

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