chapter 47

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Night time fell upon the campus, and Jimin was outside on the football field, avoiding his wonderful boyfriend and his supportive friends. He was thinking about Kai's words, weighing out his options more clearly and pondering if telling anyone would even help his situation. Jimin was scared that if other people knew that Hyunwoo would find out and spread the picture out of spite.

With headphones in both ears Jimin blasted the music and began jogging fast, his feet were taking him around the empty track field, over and over again while his heart accelerated from it's normal beats per minute. There was no one around to see Jimin, to witness the tears falling from his eyes and flying in the air as he continued sprinting, wishing that he could run from his problems this easily.

"FUCK!" Jimin shouted angrily. He could barely hear himself screaming, his sobs were silent past the music still filling up in his ears as he stood in the middle of the lane, no longer moving, no longer running because he was sick and tired of it all. "STUPID FUCKING BASTARD!" Jimin continued expressing, letting all his pent up frustration out in the open field with tears streaming down his face.

Annoyed that he was getting nowhere and Jimin moved to stand over the artificial grass, dramatically he fell to his knees before rolling over to lay on his back. Jimin's vision was on the sky now, the stars above him were hardly noticeable due to the brightness coming from the stadium lights. The view was bland until a familiar friendly face came into view.

"Taehyung?" Jimin whispered with confusion. He took off his headphones and sat up to watch the tall football player taking a seat next to him, and without speaking he rested back against the artificial grass, gazing up at the boring dark skies and letting out a few sighs. "It's not right for pretty people to be stressed, so what's going on?" Taehyung questioned.

Jimin frowned at Taehyung, he wasn't meeting eyes with him though, he kept staring up at the darkness and the cheerleader let himself fall back to do the same. "I think that being pretty is a more of a fucking curse than an actual blessing. Too much attention can be a bad thing, and the pressure to be perfect is just horrible." Jimin expressed redirecting the conversation.

"I hear you on that. I can't walk into a damn room without giving people eye orgasm from left to right, and I don't know how to turn that shit off because I only wanna do that for Yoongi. Know what I mean?" Taehyung exclaimed getting Jimin to let out the loudest bubbly laugh and it felt like forever since he smiled this genuinely, he's been forcing it so bad recently, trying to make it seem like everything was okay when it wasn't.

"Why do you always say the stupidest shit?" Jimin giggled with a big smile. He turned to face Taehyung who also shifted his vision over to him, there were tears falling from his brown eyes and the football player couldn't tell if it was from laughing so hard or from something troubling him. "What are you doing here Tae?" Jimin questioned and his tone was more serious this time.

"I left my damn gloves on the bleachers because Joon was working us to death earlier. I could hear you shouting from the parking lot Jimin, Jungkook is worried sick about you, what's going on?" Taehyung inquired to know. He was aware that the cheerleader owed him no explanation, they were hardly close friends and bickered most of the time but he figured he'd at least try, for Jungkook.

Jimin frowned, he moved his gaze from Taehyung's face and let his eyes flutter shut, refusing to see the concerned expression any longer. Jimin hated that everyone around him was worrying, they all could sense something was wrong and it was agony lying to their faces day after day. Saturday was approaching closely and Jimin was running out of time, ideas and strength to fight back against Hyunwoo.

"Look, you don't have to tell me if you're not comfortable, I'm not Jungkook so I probably wouldn't know how to console you anyways but maybe you should go talk to him. He's at our dorm right now, he had been texting you nonstop before I left but you weren't answering. At least I can confirm that you weren't cheating on him but still, avoiding him is equally breaking his heart." Taehyung declared.

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