chapter 02

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Along the sidewalk Jungkook strolled, with many bustling students rushing past him to enter the college since the next scheduled classes were about to start. He wasn't moving fast though because he was glancing over the text message he just received from the captain of the football team that had clear instructions on how they were going to start off their season. 

"AY YO JEON!" A deep voice called out to Jungkook from the distance. He already recognized who the familiar person belonged to and when he turned his suspicions were confirmed upon finding another football player, Taehyung running towards him with a football under one arm and a backpack over his shoulders as he caught up with his best friend. 

"Did you see Joon's text? Man he fucking sucks for calling mandatory practice, its fucking Friday! I should be hanging around hot babes not with you guys, I literally see you dudes enough!" Taehyung scuffed spinning the football into the air and catching it successfully every time as he walked in unison with Jungkook, both of them closer to entering the building.  

"Well, it is the spring season, competition is only getting tougher. He's just being the team captain we need, we barely won the last game, remember?" Jungkook stated, respectfully quoting their captain, Kim Namjoon who sometimes was strict, intense and violently passionate when it came to football.   

"Man fuck Joon, he said no alcohol but I'm fucking bringing some anyways!" Taehyung snickered recalling how great the burning liquid ran down his throat and fogged up his better judgment. Jungkook chuckled and shook his head.

"You should cool it when the alcohol, do you even remember the last time you drank heavily?" Jungkook questioned to Taehyung who shrugged his shoulders.

"You had sex with two cheerleaders at the same time. Jimin poured his beer all over your head after you lifted his skirt and slapped his ass in front of everyone. Which reminds me, I still need to fucking kill you for touching him!" Jungkook growled angrily reliving the moment where Taehyung proudly violated Jimin.

Jungkook wasn't entirely mad, it was the last party before spring break and they were all pretty drunk, plus he caught a glimpse of Jimin's gorgeous ass ripple perfectly at the hard smack that made him release a sexy moan and turn a bright shade of pink, and honestly to Jungkook thought that it was just a heavenly sight.

That was last semester though and this semester was brand new, a fresh start for Jungkook who swore that he'd make a move on Jimin now, and quickly before Taehyung stole him for himself. Jungkook and Taehyung are best friends, football teammates but Taehyung was notorious for dating the entire cheerleading squad, girls and guys, leaving the rest of the world with his sloppy seconds.    

Taehyung nearly rolled around in the grass from laughter, drying his forming tears at the new information he had zero recollection of. "Oh damn, what the fuck! I don't remember grabbing the holy jibooty, what the fuck! Wait? I had a threesome that I don't know about? Shit it's time to sober up my man!" Taehyung frowned and scolded himself. 

Jungkook let out a heavy laugh, and shook his head at Taehyung for the millionth time that he's known him. "So, have you figured out how you'll ask Jimin out this semester? Taehyung questioned changing the subject back to Jimin who he noticed as just a few feet away conversing with another cute cheerleader that was a tease as well. 

"No! How do you just walk up to Park Jimin, he's sultry eyes are intimidating, his sassy body language makes me wanna drop to my knees and become his stepping stool." Jungkook confessed like the whipped boy he was, he could profess his affection for Jimin to everyone, even strangers, except to Jimin's face. 

Taehyung gave Jungkook a disgusted look, ashamed that his best friend and him didn't share the player attitude. "Oh my fuck, just walk up to him, grab his ass and tell him he has to date you, because the world fucking demands on it, and if he tries to deny you, then tell him that it will improve global warning, cheerleaders really care about the environment for some fucking reason." Taehyung mentioned. 

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