chapter 19

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Complaints accompanied by groans and booing filled up Jimin and Hoseok's dorm after the tiny cheerleader decided that right now was the best time to be alone with Jungkook.

"That's lame Jimin, whatever Kook will tell me all about it tomorrow. Be safe, I hope you have a lot of lube." Taehyung snickered standing up from the floor and wiggling his eyebrows to tease his two flustered friends.

Everyone eventually left, not waiting for the feisty cheerleader to shout at them again, each silently intoxicated person going into a separate direction expect for Hoseok. The cheerleader was on his way towards Yeri's dorm when he decided to trail after Taehyung instead.

"Hey, so wanna take me back to your bed, we could try that cuddling thing you wanted to last time." Hoseok asked making Taehyung chuckle, his shoulders moving up and down like a sexy jolly Santa Claus while he wanted for Hoseok to say sike, but Hoseok wasn't laughing if anything he had the most offended look to his pretty face.

"Oh shit you were being serious? No actually I'm just gonna play it lowkey tonight, but maybe next time we hook up I can---" Taehyung's words were cut short when he saw Yoongi walk by.

Yoongi was on his way back towards his dorm and now he was cursing himself for not leaving out of the other exit to avoid Taehyung because the handsome football player ditched the middle of his conversation with Hoseok to run after him.

"Fuck, no go away." Yoongi mumbled under his breath until a firm hand gripped at his arm and made him spin around under the dark blue skies. "What do you want?" Yoongi questioned angrily, snatching his limb and resting it by his side while he took a big step back wishing to remove himself from Taehyung's personal space.

It was impossible to deny that being around the taller male felt nice, to be noticed and compliment once in a while was something he's been craving but he knew that with Taehyung it was just a trick to get people to following him into his bed. 

"Let me walk you to your dorm, you shouldn't be outside all alone at these hours." Taehyung mentioned sweetly but Yoongi wasn't buying it. He glanced around to see several students mingling, it was barely even midnight and the only thing dangerous around them was the alcohol and weed being mixed together and passed around.

 Yoongi let out a laugh, it wasn't the nicest tone, and Taehyung could feel the mocking expression behind it. "Are you sure Hobi would be okay with that?" He glanced over to see that Hoseok was long gone from his line of vision and if there was one person to save him from his uncomfortable conversation it would've been him. 

"What? Why would he be, we arent dating. Wait, are you jealous?" Taehyung snickered, smirking deviously down at Yoongi and taking a step forward, his musky scented cologne tickling the cheerleaders nose and inviting him further in. Yoongi quickly snapped from the submissive thoughts swarming his mind and let out a scoff. "No why the fuck would I be?"

"Because you like me, because you enjoyed our kiss and you wanna do it again. Why are you being so stubborn about it?" Taehyung questioned generally confused, he's never had to work this hard to get someone to fall under his spell.

Apart from Jimin, Yoongi was the only cheerleader that refused his advances, it was obvious that Yoongi was swayed by his irresistible charm and pondered on the idea of them being together, naked, sweaty and cumming in each others mouth but he was a tough cookie to crack and didnt give into lust so easily.   

"You are so full of yourself you know?! Yeah maybe I liked it so what, I had a few drinks in me so it doesn't even mean anything." Yoongi grumbled stomping his foot in frustration, he wanted to give Taehyung another ear full but two hands gripped onto his waist making him become paralyzed and instead of pulling away all he could do was watch Taehyung's handsome face hurtle towards his until their lips connected. 

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