chapter 29

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The next morning Jimin woke up to find himself resting peacefully in Jungkook's arms, the petite male nuzzled into the taller's musky scented neck, the smell of his cologne and sweat from last nights adventure were still fresh and making Jimin feel too content to get up. But it was Monday morning now and he had a class, specifically a class that started in 15 minutes.

"Crap!" Jimin whispered jolting to sit up over Jungkook's bed, wincing a little at the aches and pains throughout his body. He felt like he had been hit by a train, a love train that dropped him off on cloud 9 forgetting to pick him up. Jimin had no complaints though last night was incredible, he and Jungkook had gotten even closer, their relationship was official now.

The startled bounce on the bed made Jungkook shift, his subconscious no longer felt Jimin in his arms and he fluttered his eyes open to see the beautiful cheerleader sitting and staring down at him with a fond smile. "Good morning Kookie." Jimin whispered landing a kiss on Jungkook's forehead and lips, wincing a little as his swollen plump flesh touched the other males.

"Hi gorgeous, do you have class? What time is it?" Jungkook questioned in a husky groan, he lifted his head slightly and glanced over at the alarm clock to see that it was nearly 9am a clear warning that he was going to be late for class also. "Fuck, I'm so sorry. We should've waited for the weekend to do this." Jungkook apologized seeing Jimin look past the point of exhaustion.

"Please, don't, it was amazing, you were amazing. I always thought my first time was gonna be horrible, something I bury in the back of my mind and forget it forever but you made it special and I'm so damn thankful." Jimin confessed, getting a little teary eyed from his own words, it was true though Jimin didn't have faith in finding someone as sweet and caring as Jungkook in college.

"But, now my body is pissed at me. My thighs feel like jelly, I can't feel my rear and why do I feel like I was bitten by a dozen vampires." Jimin questioned throwing his head back and touching at his bruised neck, not catching the wide eyes Jungkook was making because he vividly remembers leaving billions of hickies on his little lover last night.

"Do you wanna skip your first class and continue lying in bed with me then?" Jungkook questioned the smaller who was nodding at the wonderful idea, the cheerleader snuggled back underneath the blanket and clung onto the handsome football players broad masculine body. Jimin felt himself falling back into sleep, his eyes seeing nothing but darkness despite the curtains slightly pulled back.

The two were ready to give their bodies more rest until the sound of the door opening made them glance up to see Taehyung entering with the widest smile on his face, his groggy eyes barely open and his hair a complete mess. "Great morning isn't it?!" Taehyung beamed slamming the door a little too loud, he couldn't help it he was still in a state of ecstasy that his senses were heightened.

"Someone looks happy." Jungkook snickered rubbing his hand along Jimin's back to get him to fall back asleep while he chatted with Taehyung. The taller football players was nodding, permanent smile on his face as he began taking off his shirt, to reveal the dozen of red love bites on his chest. "Got some action I see, you going to class?" Jungkook questioned arching an eyebrow seeing his best friend brushing his disheveled locks.

"Yeah, I was with Yoongi. I would've stayed with him a little longer but my fucking professor sucks, I've already skipped too many times and he threatened to drop me if I don't start showing up." Taehyung grumbled angrily, but his grin was still on his face and Jungkook found it hilarious how the football player was so damn smitten with the short reserved cheerleader.

"Congratulations, but you better hurry because it's gonna be 9 in three minutes." Jungkook mentioned getting Taehyung's smile to finally fade, he grabbed at the random shirt on the ground and threw it over his body, ignoring Jungkook's voice telling him that he was stealing his shirt. Taehyung dashed out of the room at the speed of light leaving Jungkook in peace with Jimin again.

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