chapter 43

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Under the dark skies that were illuminating with various shaped stars Yoongi was stomping angrily and quickly away from the frat house. His short legs were taking him further along the open fields of the campus and he could see his dorm building just a few hundred feet away. The reason Yoongi was moving so fast was because he was attempting to avoid Taehyung who was chasing after him.

"Yoongi! Please, wait baby! Stop running away from me, or at least slow the hell down, give a fucking break, I'm getting dizzy over here!" Taehyung pleaded. He suddenly stopped walking and slouched over, placing his hands on his knees and shutting his eyes tightly because all the shots he took back at the party earlier were making him feel sluggish.

Yoongi scoffed, he listened to Taehyung continue shouting out to him but he didn't even bother glancing back, he was refusing to give into his commands especially when he didn't think he deserved a moment of his time. Yoongi was gripping onto his torn skirt with one hand and palming the bruise along his face with the other, ignoring Taehyung despite his heart aching badly for him.

"Oh my fuck, Tae! Leave me the hell alone! The last fucking thing I wanna do tonight is fucking talk to you, so get the hell away from me!" Yoongi shouted, wiping the tears along his face and wincing at the aching pain. He's never gotten into a fist fight before or any type of altercation, he's never put hands on someone else and he was ashamed of himself for breaking that streak and over a fuckboy like Taehyung.

Yoongi couldn't help it though, he was so furious, hurt that Kihyun had the fucking nerve to be all over Taehyung and than act all innocent in his face like he didn't know that they had something romantic between them. Yoongi was aware that it wasn't entirely the other cheerleaders fault, Taehyung made no attempt to evade his seductive hold the whole time he watched them interact.

"Baby I said I'm sorry! I know that it isn't enough but please just hear me out! Fuck, just please stop running away from me Yoongi!" Taehyung called out. He was standing upright again, slouching a little and his long legs were struggling to get him closer to the small cheerleader that was fuming, and finally stopping from walking along the path to glare his pretty brown angry eyes at him.

"Can't you take a fucking hint? It's over between us Tae, go find that bitch Kihyun, or anyone else because I'm so fucking done with you! This whole shit was your damn fault to begin with but you wanna be sorry now? I don't accept your lame ass apology, cry, beg all you fucking want it wont make a damn difference to me!" Yoongi declared furiously, with tears in his eyes.

This was the opposite of what Yoongi wanted, he didn't want to push Taehyung away because he enjoyed his sweet kisses too much but he was trying to protect his heart, to keep it safe from experiencing more pain. Tears fell from Taehyung's eyes and they were falling rapidly, just like the ones falling from Yoongi's orbs were because they were both sullen over this.

Taehyung was silent, unable to say anything else because the look of determination on Yoongi's face crushed his soul, it sliced his heart into two pieces and he didn't think that heartbreak would be this agonizing, it was his time feeling this way. Taehyung's never been so fond of anyone like he was of Yoongi, he was special to him and it was torture seeing him hurting because of his stupid actions.

Yoongi sighed, he wiped at his face and turned away but he only made it a few short steps across the campus when he was hearing a thumping sound coming from behind him. Worriedly he glanced back to find that Taehyung had fallen onto his hands and knees, the football player had his back hunched over, his breathing was unstable and soon a series of hurls were emitting out of his mouth, accompanied by clear vomit.

Yoongi inhaled sharply, he rolled his eyes and shifted to face the campus building again with the idea of leaving Taehyung there to fend for himself but he really couldn't. No matter how upset Yoongi was because of what happened, or how much he blamed Taehyung for the fight at the party he couldn't just stop his feelings for him overnight like it meant nothing.

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