chapter 13

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"Hi." Jimin giggled seeing Jungkook standing at his dorm doorway, so dashing and masculine making flutters coarse throughout his petite frame, jittery with excitement to have him all alone in a quiet room. The pretty cheerleader bit at his bottom lip, thankful that he worse the crimson color that didn't smudge because he couldn't wait to kiss Jungkook again.  

Jimin twirled at his blonde hair while he watched Jungkook staring at his lips and all their juicy glory, it was obvious that Jungkook wanted to devour them, bite them and tug on his lips until there was no tomorrow but they had the rest of the night for that to happen and it couldn't if they were still standing there motionless. "You look so beautiful." Jungkook breathed out.

Jungkook was love struck, Jimin was wearing tight black clothing and even though the football player enjoyed seeing the cheerleader prancing around in bright pastel colors seeing him in black leather had heat building up in his crotch. Jimin's skirt was probably a size smaller than he was used to wearing and Jungkook began imagining his giant ass trying to fit into them.

"Doesn't he! Damn, I bet you're fucking dying to get him naked though! Trust me Kook, he looks much more sexier that way!" Taehyung shouted making Jungkook frown and glance over to see that his best friend was in the dorm this whole time. Taehyung was snickering with Hoseok as they both sat over the bed and watched the two males interact all lovey dovey.

Jimin spun around scowling angrily, he bent over to grab one of his fluffy purple slipper and tossed in Taehyung's direction with full throttle with hopes that he'd actually get a hit in this time. But Jimin became annoyed, completely kicking himself for forgetting that the taller male was a football player and he had issues catching the flying object that same hurdling his way.

"Maybe we should leave, don't want you beating up Tae, we kinda need him if we wanna make championships." Jungkook mentioned stopping Jimin from repeating the same action with the other lonely slipper. Jimin tucked his hair behind his ear and smiled up at Jungkook, nodding happily at the idea of getting some alone time with Jungkook.

"Yeah okay, Tae for your own safety Jungkook and I are leaving. Hobi, I swear on my favorite compact that if I see jizz on my bed I will fucking choke you with your own damn g-string!" Jimin barked in Hoseok's direction before turning to flash the sweetest and calmest grin towards Jungkook who got whiplash by the way the beautiful cheerleader could be deadly and jolly within seconds.

Jimin and Jungkook left through the door, shutting it behind them and entering into the busy hallways of students getting their Saturday night in order. The two males walked in silence together, neither of them finding anything to say because both of them were nervous with steamy scenarios of what could possible happen behind Jungkook's closed dorm room. 

"The moon is full tonight." Jungkook said the second they stepped foot into the warm outside nighttime air. "Yeah, it's kind of creepy, could you hold my hand so I can feel safe." Jimin mumbled softly giving Jungkook big eyes with a pout along his pretty lips. 

Jungkook chuckled, he knew damn well that Jimin wasn't the type to scare easily but why the fuck would he ever disagree to this free request to touch him intimately. Jungkook nodded and intertwined their fingers together blushing when Jimin's warmth made his skin sizzle with desire.

The building where Jungkook and Taehyung's dorm resided was only two blocks away from Jimin's and when they reached the courtyard Jimin noticed Yoongi sitting alone at the benches with his phone in his hand. Hiding behind Jungkook's giant body Jimin was praying to the heavens above that they wouldn't glance in their direction, talking to Yoongi was the last thing Jimin wanted to do tonight.

Thankfully though Yoongi had his back turned, giving Jimin and Jungkook a chance to enter the dorm building without being spotted. "Oh wow I like your dorm, very dark and typical." Jimin laughed seeing absolutely nothing pastel colored unlike his and Hoseok's room.

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