chapter 52

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Jungkook observed Jimin who was smoothing out the wrinkles along his plaid pink and white skirt. There was an obvious frown plastered over his pretty plump lips that were painted a shade of bubble gum pink and the football player knew how much his small cheerleader boyfriend was dreading this moment. Jimin was getting ready to depart from the safe comfort of his dorm to attend his forced date with Hyunwoo in some cheap motel room.

A heavy sigh was released from Jimin's mouth while he adjusted the strings to the white camisole crop top that barely covered up his thin upper body. Jimin was staring at himself in the mirror, it was a fabulous outfit, something he was saving up for a special occasion and he was hating that he had to use it for Hyunwoo's eyes. Hoseok insisted on Jimin wearing something provocative and revealing though, ensuring that the security guard was left dumbstruck.

"This is insane, maybe we should reconsider." Jungkook expressed grabbing Jimin's attention. "There is no other way Jungkook, I need this to be over with. I'll be fine, trust the plan please." Jimin exclaimed moving away from his lovely reflection and towards Jungkook who was sitting over the edge of the bed. The cheerleader took a seat upon his taller boyfriend's lap and kissed his cheek, stroking his raven hair and nuzzling into his neck.

Jungkook relaxed at the touch, accepting that Jimin was ready to end this all tonight and he was willing to stand by his lover's side no matter how crazy things might end up. "Now, come on Kookie. Hobi is waiting outside in the car, it's time to force the truth out of that fucker and get back to our regular lives." Jimin declared giving Jungkook a kiss on his lips and taking his hands in his small ones before leading him out of his dorm and out of the building.

The drive to the motel wasn't far, they got there faster than Jimin thought they would and when the borrowed car Hoseok escorted them in the small cheerleader felt like his heart was going to jump out of his chest. "It's the third room on the first floor." Hoseok said, handing Jimin the room key and watching his friend's eyes water with giant tears, the salty liquids were secreting from his sullen brown eyes rapidly. Jimin was frantic about the plan and he had every right to be.

Jimin was sitting in the back seat, in the middle with Jungkook and Yoongi on the opposite side of him while Taehyung and Hoseok rode in the front. Two hands intertwined with Jimin's tiny ones, his best friends and his boyfriends fingers were holding onto his tightly and tracing circles over his skin, a soothing sensation to help his nervous jitters wash away. "We'll be in the room next door. Bang on the wall if you don't feel safe okay." Jungkook told his boyfriend calmly.

Jimin nodded his head, tears falling upon his lap before Jungkook started wiping them away and kissing his lips gently making all the worry melt away, vanish into the darkness all around them to bring courage to his heart instead. "Good luck Jimin." Yoongi spoke up. Jimin redirected his attention to his best friend who was trying to hold a hopeful smile but it was obvious that he was disliking this idea just as much as Jungkook.

"Take your power back, don't let this fucker get away with this." Yoongi exclaimed and Jimin's lips curved up into a smile. Soon Jimin was stepping out of the car with Jungkook and towards the room while their friends made their way towards the vacant one next door. Yoongi, Hoseok and Taehyung gave Jimin thumbs up before disappearing into the room, leaving the two boyfriends to have some time alone.

"If that fucker tries to hurt you, if gets too rough or refuses to play into the trap just call for me, okay. Yell for me Jimin and I'll come save you, understand me baby?" Jungkook declared cupping Jimin's face. The cheerleader placed his palms over the back of his boyfriend's hands and took in a deep breath, he leaped up onto his toes and kissed the most tasty, delicious slender lips that he always found comfort in.

Jungkook wrapped his long arms around Jimin's tiny waist, he squeezed him tightly and deepened their kiss, showing off how much he'd miss his precious little lover. Jimin could've been like this forever, wishing that it was him and Jungkook entering the motel room instead but when the image of Hyunwoo's callous smirk appeared he parted from boyfriend. "Come quick if I need you Kookie." Jimin whispered through a cracked voice.

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