chapter 28

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Taehyung gulped the drool back down, for once he was a lost for words, he's never found himself so fucking speechless to someone else's beauty. He always had some sleazy remark or some naughty innuendos conjured up in the back of his mind but not this time and in that moment he finally understood Jungkook's claim to wanting something more intimate and personal like love making. 

Fucking Yoongi like some blow up sex doll wasn't Taehyung's goal anymore, he craved to gently caress his petite figure, and show him passionate fire like never before was his main mission. Taehyung desired to make the pretty cheerleader feel amazing and cared for was all he wanted to do now but he couldn't speak when he opened his mouth.  

"T-tae?" Yoongi mumbled, his cheeks were dark red, his eyes glancing down at the ground under him because the silence was making him uncomfortable. Taehyung's face was unreadable, he was clearly stunned by what he was seeing and Yoongi was beginning to think that maybe he didn't like this side of him and found him unattractive.

"I, I should c-change. E-excuse me." Yoongi squeaked out with a crackle in his voice, this was the most vulnerable he's ever been with anyone and he felt like such an idiot for agreeing to it in the first place. This is the reason he kept himself reserved, the fear of someone not liking his true nature was terrifying but before Yoongi could rush away to the bathroom Taehyung took a hold of his thin arm.

"No, please don't change. You look so beautiful this way, you look beautiful in anything but with this outfit, in this type of clothing you are glowing, more than I've ever seen before. If you like it than I love it." Taehyung expressed softly and Yoongi felt his entire chest flutter at the reassuring words. A single tear left Yoongi's eyes, the salty secretion falling down his flushed cheeks as he stared up at Taehyung's precious smile.

"I missed you Yoon, and I know you missed me from all those text you couldn't stop sending. Between those random conversations about the weather and tv shows I could practically feel your desire for me to return." Taehyung mumbled stepping forward and wrapping his arms around Yoongi, feeling his warm skin along his big hands. 

Yoongi shivered, he bit onto his bottom lip and glanced up at Taehyung who was only inches away from his face. The taller male was so handsome, so persistent and before he hated it, disliked how much he really wanted him to hold him and kiss him. He denied feelings for him, brushing it off as wanting a distraction from the piles of homework and drama with his friends but in reality he had falling for the football player.

"I, I didn't expect to like you this much. I was repulsed by the way you behaved, I hate the way you flirt around with other cheerleaders and they way you used to have a thing with Hobi. I'm scared that you wont be loyal to me, I don't want a fling Tae, I want someone devoted to me and only me. Can you even do that?" Yoongi questioned with little tears in his eyes. 

Taehyung could see the hurt in Yoongi's eyes, it was clear that the smaller male took relationships serious, and he couldn't imagine life with a fuckboy that enjoyed that type of lifestyle. Taehyung's mouth formed a smile, and he could hear Yoongi gasp when he lowered his head and placed a soft peck on his lip. 

"You want me to only have eyes for you? Well, I have some breaking news, no one in this entire school can make me feel the way you do. My mind goes insane when I think about you, only your feverish kisses invade my thoughts, the adorable way you blush after we make out under the bleachers drives me insane, and the way you always push me away but hold onto my shirt makes me fall even harder for you." Taehyung professes.

Yoongi's fingers gripped onto Taehyung's jacket, his knuckles turning white with how tight he was clinging onto the taller male, the words were everything he wanted to hear and more. He could truly hear Taehyung's sincerity and there was no doubt now in his mind that he should finally give in, let the handsome football player have him like he wanted too, let him experience his body in a whole new light. 

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