chapter 03

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The day progressed while students roamed the halls, going in and out of their classes, mingling with friends in between and living out the best years of their lives.

Every single one of them was preparing for the first Friday back after spring break because there were plenty of parties to attended, but the biggest of all was the one thrown by the entitled frat boy Kim Seokjin.

The cheerleaders were obviously invited, usually the first and on the VIP list but Jimin had his own plans already and as much as he wanted to drink and dance all night he had an important season to prepare for.

The college cheerleading competition tryouts was just a few months away and he wanted his team in tip top shape for that.

It was nearly 7pm now, and Yoongi had accompanied Jimin to the library a couple of hours ago, he attentively listened to his best friend rant about Jungkook and his gorgeous face.

Then Jimin complain about Hoseok and Taehyung for always hooking up in their shared dorm, only to later resort to crying, sobbing over how he still had tons of school work to complete.

"Gah, Yoongi I cant concentrate on biology when we need new ideas, new things to wow the crowds! How the hell are we gonna get into the competition with our tired ass stunts?" Jimin grumbled ripping out a piece of paper from his notebook and tearing it to shred before tossing it up in the air and watching it fall like confetti.

Saying that being cheer captain was stressful was a huge understatement, this would be Jimin's second semester in charge of the cheerleading team and the pressure to be better than the captains before and flawlessly dominate their performances was weighing down his petite frame.

"You two need to leave, a couple of students are complaining that this annoying high pitchy sound is interfering with their studies, and I doubt you're doing anything important here besides thinking about how to wave your stupid pompoms in the air and show off your asses." A female voice claimed with her arms crossed, glaring at Jimin who was boiling with rage.

"Bitch, is it my fault you didn't make the team? No, next time Jennie, work on your awful posture, and forms a little more before presenting that shit to me! You wasted 5 minutes of life that I'll never get back, now move along and go take your obvious jealousy somewhere else!" Jimin sassed slamming his hand on the wooden table, nearly jumping out of his chair.

Yoongi placed his hand on Jimin's thickly sculpted bare thigh, taking his chance to run along it before grasping it strongly with the intent stop his friend from standing up. The urge to slap the female who was clearly bitter after being told that she wasn't good enough to be on the cheerleading team was written all over Jimin's pretty eyes.

Jennie frowned and let out a bitter snarky chuckle trying to play off that she wasn't hurt yet again by Jimin's harsh comments. "The library is closing early for clean up, so please leave now or I'll tell campus security that I caught you two fucking on the table." The thin female threatened pointing to the doors and holding her angry glare on the two cheerleaders Jimin rolling his eyes and Yoongi wishing it was true.

"Whatever, we have things to do anyways, nothing a library rat like you would know anything about, come on Yoongi grab my stuff." Jimin spat. He flipped his blonde hair back, making his pink highlights sway when he did so and stormed away from the table while Yoongi obeyed orders. He hurriedly swooped up Jimin's laptop and backpack, swinging it on his back and following after the lovely male who was strutting down the hall.

Yoongi caught up to Jimin who was rambling angrily about Jennie and how horrendous her demonstration a simple cartwheel was, and how her pathetic attempt of a cheer always made him laugh whenever he was feeling down in the dumps. "I was planning on studying in my room anyways! Can you believe she thinks anyone would believe you and me hooking up?" Jimin expressed waving his thin arms in the air.

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