chapter 31

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~ back at the football field ~

"You two are so fucking late! What the hell you guys!" Namjoon screamed seeing Taehyung and Jungkook almost out of breathe as they approached the team captain and the coach that were glaring at them from the sidelines while the rest of the other team members were preforming practice drills. 

Jungkook and Taehyung apologetically hung their heads in shame, they knew Namjoon got extra grouchy especially with the coach breathing down his neck wondering if he made the right choice making the nice guy on the team the captain over the wild jocks. "5 miles, and if I see you two walking for a spilt second you're restarting all over again!"

Jungkook and Taehyung nodded, they sighed out and moved towards the track field to begin jogging together, both of them complaining under their breathes over the harsh treatment. "So, you and Yoongi dating now?" Jungkook questioned staring at the open and empty track in front of him. 

"No, I didn't exactly ask him out. I was too focused on making him cum and cum, oh and cum some more." Taehyung snickered to himself recalling Yoongi's face when he couldn't take the pleasure anymore, his fair cheeks were red and his eyes were glossy as he begged for rest, pretty slim body lying exhausted over the filthy bed. 

"That's, uh that's way more information than I wanted to know." Jungkook said regretting asking his best friend a harmless question that he knew would go that way but he wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. Taehyung was just more of an open book than Jungkook which made people find their friendship adorable. 

"It's just that I wanna do something sweet for him before asking him out, to show him that I am being silence when I tell him I adore him. I don't want him thinking that I'm lying and telling him what he wants to hear." Taehyung expressed glancing over to Jungkook who was nodding understanding him completely. 

"You must really like him if you're trying to make this much effort. Why don't you plan a romantic dinner for him? There is no way in he'll say no though its obvious he really like you back, I'm sure he'll appreciate you anything even if it's not something flashy." Jungkook reassured his best friend. 

"Yeah my Yoongi really does like me doesn't he?" Taehyung chuckled smiling to himself thinking about the lovely cheerleader that he couldn't get enough of. The two continued on jogging, and by the third mile they could feel their bodies wanting to give out, but Namjoon was watching them, scowling at them until their feet crossed the line after their last mile that they barely accomplished. 

Jungkook and Taehyung were beyond exhausted but they joined the rest of the team and Jungkook still needed find the energy to race down the field to catch the quarterbacks tosses. It was becoming frustrated though because every time Taehyung threw the ball into the air Jungkook could see it, envision it falling into his hands but his legs wouldn't let him move faster to catch it on time

Several times Jungkook found himself tumbling on the artificial grass and missing the ball because he was just a hairline off or because the defenders were blocking him and tackling him onto the ground. Jungkook groaned out angrily, he took of his helmet off and wiped at the sweat decorating his enraged face before moving back into position.  

"Maybe if you paid more attention in practice and stopped thinking about that little cheerleader than you'd be a better receiver by now!" Namjoon shouted scolding Jungkook, its not that he didn't think Jungkook was good at what he did but the male was grown distant from football ever since he started seeing Jimin and it was showing in his form.

"Dude take the bench, chill out." Taehyung told Jungkook who took the advice in a heartbeat. Jungkook navigated away from the field and sat over the bleachers, taking a huge gulp from his ice cold water bottle and watching the rest of his team struggle to keep up with the coaches and captains demands. 

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