chapter 40

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Tears, those are what Yoongi had in his lovely eyes, and they were falling down his cheeks that were flushed with the rage boiling inside of him. He was pissed, infuriated at Taehyung but more at himself for falling for his lies in the first place because all those sweet words that the taller said to him, all those fucking claims about being the only one in his heart were complete bullshit, Yoongi thought.

"No! Stop! Don't fucking cry over him, he isn't fucking worth it! Just need to find the damn bathroom, fix your stupid make up, swallow the truth that it was bond to happen anyways and act like it doesn't fucking hurt. He doesn't deserve to see you cry, he's doesn't deserve me!" Yoongi was internally screaming at himself, giving his self esteem pep talks to ease the feeling of his heart breaking into tiny pieces as he maneuvered his blurry path, shoving past the several drunken peers not letting him get through. 

Yoongi was carefully wiping at his eyes hoping to not smudge the smoking eyeshadow Jimin had spent so much time perfecting on him and soon enough he was in the bathroom, he had cut the long line waiting outside the door, ignoring all the bitches that were complaining about how they had gotten there first. Yoongi have zero fucks though, he was done being polite, he was over people walking all over him because it only lead in him getting his heart broken. 

Yoongi's lovely hand rose up and he gave all those people the middle finger before stepping into the large lavish bathroom where he was instantly frowning when he caught a glimpse of his reflection in the mirror. His mascara was running a little but overall it everything else was still intact, with the exception of his lipstick that was smudged around the corner of his pouted lips. 

The sadness in Yoongi's eyes were obvious though and he was annoyed at that, groaning angrily he grabbed an excessive amount of toilet paper and started to dab at his face gently. There was a vibrating sound in Yoongi's skirt pocket, he knew that it would be Taehyung rambling one over how sorry he was that he got caught and listening to his deep voice come up with lame ass excuses was not what he wanted to do right now. 

Yoongi was a sucker for Taehyung, all his cute facial expression, his endearing words were something he had fallen hard for and he knew that he'd fall for it again if he heard him out. With one hand gripping the edge of the sink and the other wiping at his falling tears Yoongi was growing even more upset because he couldn't get them to stop, his eyes were expelling so many tears and not giving him a damn break, he was fucking truly distraught.

Yoongi felt like his heart had been stabbed out of his chest with a kitchen knife. Seeing someone with their hands on Taehyung and him doing nothing about it hurt more than the time he broke his arm when he fall off the balance beam at gymnastic practice. Yoongi was 10 at the time and the memory was blurry now but he was certain that this was far worse. "Stupid Tae, stupid me, I hate this, why did you have to kiss me that day?" Yoongi cried. 

"Yoonie, are you in there? Open up it's me, it's Jimin." Yoongi heard his bestfriend calling from behind the closed door, he was knocking impatiently, and jiggling the handle that was locked. Yoongi wiped at his face and fumbled with the knob before opening it wide to set his watery vision on the other cheerleader that was staring at him worriedly, because Jimin had noticed the pain behind his gaze and the giant tears flooding the bathroom floors. 

"Yoonie what happened? Why are you crying?" Jimin questioned stepping forward, he could hear the people in line complaining, grumbling under their breathes but he paid them no mind, Yoongi was more important. Jimin locked the door behind him and brought his bestfriend into his arms, rubbing soothing circles over his back and hushing him because he was sobbing uncontrollably, unable to breath correctly anymore.

"Calm down Yoonie, just tell me what happened because Jungkook and I went to go find you and Tae to help out with the bottles but all we found was that giant doofus drinking and crying to himself. Did something happen between you two? Did he hurt you, please tell me, do I need to stomp on his dick? Shove my foot up his ass? Tell me Yoonie." Jimin commanded, his voice was gentle, smooth and caring despite the violence acts he was ready to commit. 

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