chapter 48

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Jungkook carefully listened to Jimin speak, despite the rabid fury that was clouding his mind with vengeance and the erratic thumping of his heart that pulsated in both ears. The football player tried not displaying his emotions though because in front of him was his lovely vulnerable boyfriend Jimin. The tiny cheerleader had giant tears in his precious sullen brown eyes and his pretty dainty hands were trembling as he spilled the details of what happened in Hyunwoo's office.

Every few seconds Jimin was pausing, swallowing back the dry lump in his throat and frantically breaking down into sobs, he was struggling to breathe the air in Jungkook's dorm correctly, finding it difficult for his mind to go back to that night because he's never been so terrified in his entire life. Hyunwoo was extorting Jimin, demanding to taste his body, manipulating his passionate love for cheerleading and wanting to ruin his relationship with Jungkook.

Jungkook brought Jimin into his strong embrace, he lifted his slim body up and set him over his lap as he rested back against the headboard of his bed. Jimin threw his arms around Jungkook's torso and buried his flushed tear stained face into his boyfriend's neck, making his warm skin damp and inhaling the scent of his body wash. Jungkook attempted to calm Jimin down, rubbing circles into his back and stroking his silky hair.

"Jungkook, I'm sorry for not telling you earlier! Please don't be mad at me, I just didn't know how to explain because I'm scared of what's gonna happen Kookie. I can't give up cheerleading but I don't wanna actually have sex with him either. I could never do that, I could never be with someone else that isn't you, I won't ever use my body like that but I'm running out of ideas and Saturday is approaching so fucking fast."

Jimin was trembling against Jungkook who was shushing him, kissing his cheek and lifting his face to stare into his eyes. Jimin sniffled as Jungkook wiped at the tears that flowed out of him like waterfalls, his vision was blurred from fully being able to admire his boyfriends handsome features because everything he blinked more continued spilling out. Jimin was distraught, crumbling and Jungkook was being so gentle.

"I could never be mad at you, this isn't your fault baby, understand?" Jungkook reassured Jimin who was nodding and snuggling into his arms again. His throat was too raw to speak, his eyes were burning from crying excessively and his body was exhausted from finally releasing all the pent of truth he had been carrying all alone. Jimin felt relief because Jungkook is an amazing, understanding and supportive boyfriend.

There was silence in the room while the two were laying flat on the mattress now. Jimin had attached himself to Jungkook's larger body, resting his pretty head over the broad chest with fingers gripping the black t-shirt and their legs were intertwined together. Jungkook was letting Jimin relax against him until he was no longer shaking, and it worked because soon the cheerleader was unable to release any more tears.

Jimin lifted himself up to stare at Jungkook, his grip along his waist was tight and he could practically hear his teeth grinding as he thought quietly to himself. Jimin parted his mouth with the intent to speak but Jungkook spoke up instead. With his eyes on the ceiling and this dark look upon his handsome face Jungkook said, "I'm gonna fucking kill him. I'm gonna march into his office and I'm gonna punch him in the face, smash my fist so hard against him, repeatedly, until he can't see anything ever again!" Jungkook growled.

Jungkook's voice wasn't even loud, he wasn't shouting, it was just above a whisper but Jimin could hear the rage laced with every word he spoke. Jimin feared this, Jungkook becoming beyond angry and to the point where he was thinking of reacting with violence, it would do more harm than good and Jimin could never forgive himself if his boyfriend were to jeopardize his career for him.

"No Kookie, you can't do that." Jimin expressed worriedly to Jungkook who sat up along the bed, he released a deep sigh, his fist were balled up and digging deep into the bed as he thought about the smug look on Hyunwoo's face. Jungkook was growing more enraged, more furious because the fear in Jimin's eyes, the tears he expelled and the agony he was feeling tore him up, and he wanted to cause damage to the person that made all this happen.

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