chapter 51

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The second Jungkook and Taehyung hopped off the bus once they reached the campus they were rushing towards Jimin and Hoseok's dorm because of the text that Yoongi sent them requesting their appearance. Jungkook was beyond worried, freaking out that Hyunwoo had made a move on his boyfriend or had tormented with more fucked up demands and his feet were moving quick, faster than he's ever run on the football field.

When Jungkook burst through the doors he found Jimin snuggled up against Yoongi but when their eyes met he leaped up to his feet and darted into his arms, seeking his warmth and comfort. "Baby what happened?" Jungkook questioned but before Jimin could speak Hoseok and Yoongi were explaining what they found when they entered the dorm, furiously taking turns cursing Hyunwoo's name and vowing vengeance for their cheer captain.

Jungkook held Jimin tightly, massaging his back soothingly and calming him down with kisses along his forehead as he listened to Hoseok plant an idea in their head. "Absolutely not. There is no way in hell I'm gonna let Jimin actually meet up with that fucking creep." Jungkook expressed. The football player wasn't shouting because he didn't want to rattle his boyfriend more than he already was but it was obvious how upset he was.

"It's insane, he could hurt Jimin, there has to be another way, one that doesn't involve being alone with him." Jungkook pleaded to Jimin who was clinging to his neck, sitting on his lap and listening to him refuse to accept the plan that Hoseok had come up with. Jimin knew that Jungkook was right, it was risky, tricking Hyunwoo into confessing to everything and recording it felt dangerous. Even though in the air Jimin was fearless this situation made him feel inferior.

"Jimin won't be alone, we'll be close by and hidden of course, but he won't actually have to sleep with the fucker. Jimin will just need to put on an act, play obedient, seductive and get him to verbally admit to the extortion. Once we have enough to use against him we'll bust Jimin out of there." Hoseok exclaimed, getting Jungkook to continue shaking his head, not liking the possibilities of things going wrong and Jimin becoming more traumatized.

"Do you have a better plan Jeon?" Hoseok questioned with his hands over his hips, a frown upon his lips as he stared Jungkook down. The football player released a heavy sigh, he removed his vision from Hoseok to glance over at Jimin, he stroked his blonde hair, tucking the strands behind his ear and gave him a pout. "It's up to you ultimately, what do you wanna do? I'll support you regardless." Jungkook professed.

"I just want this to end Jungkook and if playing the same fucked up game is the only way then I'm down." Jimin stated. There was a sudden confidence in Jimin's voice while he clutched Jungkook's shirt, holding him close and showing off the determination in his brown eyes. Jimin was feeling defeated days ago, hopeless but after having his friends aware of the situation and ready to help him take down Hyunwoo, courage flooded his brave heart.

Jungkook grazed Jimin's cheek with his fingers, cleaning away the dried up tears before leaning into his personal space to plant a kiss upon his plump lips. "Okay, I understand. Then, let's make sure that we have a solid plan." Jungkook whispered softly to his boyfriend. Jimin nodded his head and parted from Jungkook to glance over at Hoseok who was sitting over his own bed. "Alright, let's take this fucker down." Jimin declared with a gallant grin.


The next day was Saturday, Jimin hadn't been anxious and that was because he spent it with Jungkook, burying himself into his strong chest and letting him distract his mind from the realization that he was actually going to be with Hyunwoo when the skies got dark. Jimin wasn't thinking of backing down from Hoseok's plan but he was scared, pondering if he would slip up and make it obvious about their sneaky ploy.

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