chapter 55

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The pieces of clothing on Taehyung and Yoongi's bodies had become scattered all over the carpet flooring of the motel room the second they let the door shut behind them. Both males knew what they wanted, they've been craving this type of sexual intimacy very desperately lately and they weren't going to waste any time speaking words. Even though it's only been a week since Taehyung and Yoongi felt each other's heat radiating off their naked figures to them it felt like they've been waiting one hundred years.

Yoongi's lustful eyes were sealed shut, blocking out the view of everything around him while he concentrated on the pleasure being given to his lower region. His bare back resting comfortably along the mattress, his naked thighs spread wide apart and with his arms thrown above his head Yoongi was releasing breathy moans. The erotic sound echoed throughout the room, bounced off the ceiling and four walls until finally reaching Taehyung's ears and making him move faster.

Taehyung was on his knees, propping his larger body up with one hand that rested beside Yoongi's head, playing with his disheveled locks as he hovered over the small cheerleader. He was leaving gentle kisses along Yoongi's fair skinned chest that had turned a bright shade of red with how flushed he was from Taehyung's slippery wet fingers sliding in and out his entrance which clenched tightly, barely allowing itself to become stretched but yearning for more when the digits were no longer filling him up.

"T-tae, please! Just get inside of me, I need you badly! Need your cock so fucking much!" Yoongi whimpered loudly, voice expressing intense lust and pathetic desperation and it was like music to Taehyung's ear canals. "Damn Yoon, listen to you. Missed me that much, huh?" Taehyung teased parting from the cheerleaders trembling body to position himself between his lovely thighs, caressing his pretty knee while he jerked at his own large erection.

Yoongi's eyes fluttered open, his cat-like orbs were hooded and watching the taller male smirk down at him, his long wet fingers were coating his engorged cock with the slippery liquid for what seemed like forever to Yoongi. The teasing look on Taehyung's handsome face was making Yoongi become more impatient, his thin frame squirming against the mattress that was becoming soaked from his body heat, gripping the bed sheets tightly with anticipation of the tallers next move, needing to be penetrated asap.

A week of abstinence was the longest Taehyung had ever gone before but for Yoongi was willing to wait another few months, years even because there was no one else he wanted to thrust into besides the pretty cheerleader under him. Taehyung was mesmerized by the way Yoongi moaned his name, the way his heavy breathing spilled past his delicious lips and the way his body moved perfectly against him was just a few reasons the football player declared internally that he was created by the god above just for him.

Taehyung gave his big cock a few more slow upward strokes, making sure that every inch of his erection, every bulging vein was lubed up, needing it to be wet enough, wanting it slippery enough for Yoongi to enjoy this moment. Pleasuring Yoongi had become Taehyung's sole mission tonight. Taehyung wanted to see the smaller male content, flashing his beautiful gummy smile and helping him reach a climax so damn profound that it left his sweet delicate body cherished, aching and trembling like never before.

With very little patience residing in Yoongi he lifted himself up, connecting his lips to Taehyung's and moaning against his mouth when he felt their cocks slide against each other. Taehyung placed his hands on Yoongi's waist, holding him tightly and deepening their kiss until he moved them into a different position. Yoongi released a gasp, his bottom lip was caught between Taehyung's teeth as rested over him, placing his legs on opposite sides of his body to straddle him.

"Ride me Yoon, show me how well you can work those sexy hips of yours." Taehyung uttered through a raspy voice and Yoongi was reaching behind himself to take a hold of the wet cock grazing between his ass cheeks. Taehyung could see a gulp along Yoongi's neck when he aligned the erection to his hole, slowly letting it enter him. Yooongi threw head back, moaning and making his fingernails scratch at the broad chest under him because of how great the expansion that had him feeling winded, breathless and satisfied was.

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