chapter 38

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It took a lot of convincing on Jimin's part to get Yoongi to make an appearance at the frat house party, the other cheerleader was in no mood to celebrate the football teams victory. Yoongi didn't want to see couples displaying their disgusting affection for each other publicly and he definitely was not liking the idea of witnessing people shamelessly flirting with Taehyung the second they saw him alone, with him not under his muscular arm anymore.

But here Yoongi was, passing the rowdy people playing their drunken games on the fresh green lawn and entering through the giant house to see that there were many bodies dancing to the blasting music near the DJ stand. That part of the house had the lights off with flashing neon colors and cloudy air filling up the room thanks to the fog machine in the corner, all of these actions were the giving off a club vibes and the people were clearly feeling it.  

Yoongi noticed that Hoseok, Yeri and other cheerleaders were taking shots with the DJ, throwing theirs hands in the air and enjoying themselves with no care in the world. He let out a sigh and continued venturing further in with his fingers gripping one of Jimin's arms, annoyed that his friend had applied glittery lotion on his skin before leaving because it was all over him now and the revealing outfit he had on his slim figure.

There was a bright pink blush on Yoongi's cheeks from the make up Jimin painted him earlier with but the natural flushed color he'd always get when he was nervous emerged through and it was all because he was finally wearing a skirt out in the open, for the first time. Jimin hadn't just convinced Yoongi to leave his dorm, he showed up at his door with his precious pink duffle bag filled with cute possible outfits for his friend to wear.

And of course they were all tiny skirts and itty bitty crop tops. "Oh my fuck, people are fucking looking at me! I bet they think I look fucking ridiculous! Jimin I can't believe I let you talk me into this shit!" Yoongi complained in frustration to Jimin. His free hand was gripping at the hem of the black skater skirt that he felt was riding up with every step he took and the fact that people could see his figure more clearly freaked him out to the core.   

Yoongi shifted his vision over to catch a few random guys trailing their hungry eyes all over his exposed thighs and blowing kisses his way which made him quickly break the eye contact, praying that neither of them were thinking about approaching him anytime soon. Yoongi was hardly used to this much attention, he got a few glances now and then but right now he had billions of eyeballs staring at him and he founded himself nervously casting his vision down to focus on Jimin's black suede wedges that were strutting forward.

"Honey, nobody thinks that, they're staring because you are gorgeous! Tae is gonna die when he see's you! Oh, wait I see my Kookie over there! Come on move those feet Yoonie!" Jimin squealed happily rushing forward. Yoongi felt his feet being dragged while he continued to cling onto his best friend for dear life, wishing that he had enough arms to cover his stomach because the striped black and white crop top was hardly covering his upper body and displaying to the world that his abdomen was toned.

Yoongi felt so out of place, in the mirror he was thinking he looked amazing, stunning actually but now that he was showing his peers a little part of his true self he wasn't feeling so hot anymore because he was internally terrified of their reactions and harsh judgment. Yoongi was avoiding the need to glance up to where Jimin was taking him, he didn't want to see Taehyung, or what he was doing but curiosity killed the cat and he ended up acting out the opposite of what his brain was begging him to do.

Jungkook caught Yoongi's attention first, he was wearing his natural black clothing, leaning against a table with his arms wide open for Jimin to jump into them already. Yoongi's eyes then noticed that Namjoon and Seokjin were there, the football captain was back hugging the other male as they were kissing in between the process of setting up the several empty shot glasses over the spinning poker wheel. Yoongi's never felt so damn single in his entire life like he did right now seeing the two couple all happy. 

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