chapter 04

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Jimin had called his group of cheerleaders over into a huddle, every single one of them, males and females all followed their captains commands and gathering around his petite frame that was passing around a cute little shot glasses. "Okay, don't drink it yet. Everyone hold theirs up." Jimin ordered watching his peppy friends copy his exact moves.

"I promise to make this our best season, we will slay our routines and we will get into that competition! There is no space hear for losers, so if you arent ready for strict diets, nonstop training then you can fucking leave now!" Jimin expressed pointing his dainty index finger towards the the side of the field.

All the cheerleaders glanced around, but neither of them were quitters so not one single person moved a muscle. Jimin sighed out in relief that he wouldn't have to do another round of tryouts because the last ones were stressful as hell, just ask Hoseok. "Okay, perfect! Drink to us then!" Jimin declared as he rose his alcoholic beverage to the sky.

Jimin took a swing, all the alcohol burning down his throat, Yoongi, Hoseok and the other cheerleaders did the same, and once the intoxicating liquid flowed through their veins they were cheering, shouting happily in unison as they waiting for Jimin to give out instructions.

"Damn Kook, good job at convincing Joon to keep the cheerleaders around, just fucking look at them." Taehyung mentioned, and Jungkook's attention was solely on the sexy tiny male that was bent over to stretch out his muscles. Jimin was completely unaware of the eager eyes that were on his exposed thighs, thanking the creator of his tight black spandex shorts for hugging his body so perfectly.

All the cheerleaders were stretching right now, but out of all the nicely toned, amazingly strong and gorgeous figures that were on display Jimin's was by far the most captivating in Jungkook's eyes. He could stare at Jimin all fucking day, dreaming of what his skin felt like on his while they engaged in sexual actions and wishing that it would come true one day.

Namjoon was wrapping up his pep-talk, but Jungkook, Taehyung and a few other football players were starstruck, their full attention was on Jimin's lovely rear and the arousing way he displayed a lunge only to slid down into a full split making his juicy bottom bounce when he did so. "I think I just came." Jungkook mumbled.

"Would all of you rather join the cheerleading team or are you here to play some fucking football?!" Namjoon questioned angrily when he noticed that his teammates were shifting their gazes from him to the peppy team on the opposite side of the field. He glanced over to see all the cheerleaders practicing their splits, bending over all seductively on purpose to distract the cute jocks.

"This is fucking stupid, I'm kicking them out." Namjoon declared but before he could march other there and piss Jimin off again Taehyung intercepted. "No! Don't make them leave!" He whined sadly, the thought of the pretty cheerleaders leaving them alone and having no one sexy to stare at was just terrifying for poor Taehyung.

Namjoon shook his head, he knew this was a bad idea but he listened to Taehyung and relaxed his tensed shoulders, "Alright, lets run some drills, Tae get in position, Jungkook go wide, but not too wide we don't need you trampling them people." The captain ordered proudly smiling when his team nodded in obedience.

The football players were lined up, each one in their designated place and when Namjoon whistled they began charging, several defense players were tackling each other while Taehyung stretched his arm back and hurtled the ball into the air, probably a little too wide because it was making it's way towards Jimin who had his back turned.

Jungkook charged towards the ball, his long fast legs taking him across the middle of the field and towards where the cheerleaders panicked noticing the ball going right at Jimin's defenseless self. Everyone closed their eyes, all the souls on that field expecting for that sturdy, speedy ball to smack Jimin so hard that he'd be rendered unconscious.

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