chapter 06

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Down went the alcoholic beverage along Jungkook's elongated neck, his throat roughly swallowing back the strong intoxicating taste and the fear of getting undressed under the curious and devious eyes of his cheerleader crush Park Jimin.

It was quite heavy to bear all the pressure for one young man but the rules of the game that he agreed to said that he would need to remove whatever piece of clothing of the winners choosing so he had to oblige.

Jungkook is fucking fit, obviously since he's a football player. Apart from that though he actually enjoys working out, it helps him relieve stress accumulated from college courses, lifting weights to bulk up his muscles is a passion of his and breaking a sweat all in order to achieve his ideal body type is his forever religion.

Of course Jungkook wanted to show off his toned six pack and strong chiseled chest to Jimin one day but not like this, not with others around and with with Jimin's lovely eyes lingering on him with intensity, an expression of animalistic hunger were evident in his gorgeous face.

The devious smile on the pretty cheerleaders lips weren't making this any easier, his bottom plump lip was caught between his pearly white teeth and Jungkook was sure that his heart was going to jump out of his chest and run across the table.

"Hurry the fuck up Jeon and take your damn shirt off! We don't have all night damnit!" Taehyung complained as he held onto the little white ball ready to throw it into the other teams cup.

"Yeah, Jungkook, take off your shirt already." Jimin repeated breathlessly and Jungkook felt yet another wave of heat flow through him at the tiny males sexy voice that had him imagining his bedroom moans.

"I'm gonna fucking kill you Tae for suggesting this!" Jungkook internally screamed while his fingers fumbled along the hem of his shirt, taking a fist full of it. He breathed in deeply, holding as much oxygen that he could in his healthy young lungs while he lifted the shirt up with quick speed.

Jungkook's raven hair became disheveled when the piece of fabric finally went over his head, no longer covering his body but now resting in his hands.

"Finally my fucking turn, Jimin baby, prepare to take that skirt off." Taehyung mentioned confidently and full of himself as he bounced the ball in the middle of the table.

There was a giant smile spread across Taehyung's face, watching the ball fly into the air and come back towards the table only for it to miss the cup by a hairline. The football player frowned while his eyes watched the ball continue to bounce high up again before landing into pretty hands.

Taehyung's vision was pulled away from the meaningless object to gaze at the other cheerleader standing under illuminating lights in the big frat house.

"Ha, arent football players supposed to be good at this? I mean how difficult could it be to make a simple, easy shot?" Yoongi snickered. The cheerleader tossed the ball effortlessly making it into one of the red cups right in front of Taehyung.

Jimin cheered loudly and wrapped his arms around Yoongi's neck, jumping up and down before turning to point in Taehyung's direction and trash talk the football player who was left dumbfounded at how sassy and feisty the more reserved cheerleader actually was when he loosened up and let his guard down.

"Maybe next time dont assume that cheerleaders cant do what you jerk jocks can do." Yoongi exclaimed.

"Fuck yes! Shirt Taehyung, hurry up!" Jimin snickered Taehyung grumbled under his breathe and plucked out the ball and tossed it over at Jungkook who nearly dropped it because his hands were crossed over his chest to avoid feeling uncomfortable in his naked skin.

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