chapter 26

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Jimin practically flew over to Jungkook's dorm, he maneuvered past students collected throughout the campus and it didn't take long for his pretty dainty knuckles to be tapping over the football players dorm room. Jimin felt his entire body twitch with jitteriness, he was missing Jungkook more than he thought he would and he couldn't wait to see his smile in person again. 

Jimin's sparking orbs landed on Jungkook's handsome face, he was wearing that grin that suited him so well and Jimin felt like he had melted into a soft squish puddy. "Hi." Jungkook beamed, he had the door slightly closed only letting the pretty cheerleader see his face and nothing else. "Hold on, close your eyes." Jungkook mentioned with a chuckle. 

"What are you hiding Jungkookie?" The cheerleader questioned with a giggle as he complied anyways. He closed his eyes shut and heard the door creak as if Jungkook had opened it wider. He could hear the other males footsteps circle around him, two strong hands gripped at his waist and he was nudged to walk forward, finally entering the private setting of Jungkook's dorm. 

"I missed you, I couldn't stop thinking about you, I could get tackled and hit in the ribs yet all I could do was image your beautiful face." Jungkook confessed, he still had Jimin in his arms protectively, his strong sturdy chest providing warmth to Jimin's back. He leaned down to leave a trail of kisses along Jimin's neck, his breathe tickling the smallers skin and creating shivers to run down his spine. 

Jimin's eyes remained closed, the sensation of Jungkook's lips on his skin again wouldn't let find the strength to cast his vision on the room just yet. Jungkook's hands began to move up and down Jimin's hips, rubbing at the beautiful curviness and running them back up to stroke along the cheerleaders solid abdomen. "Jimin, will you be my boyfriend?" Jungkook whispered in the smaller males ear. 

Gentle and sweet kisses were still being left along Jimin's neck and ear, he heard the words correctly but Jungkook's mouth over him was too intoxicating for him to respond just yet. Jungkook pulled away though making Jimin open his eyes back up to search for him, and immediately he was met with the romantic scenery before him. 

The lights were off, but the room was illuminated by a few warm scented candles, and littered over Jungkook's bed was dozens of rose pedals, the pretty crimson red decorations sitting beautifully over the white bedding making Jimin forget that he was in a dorm. With Jungkook close Jimin always felt like he was in heaven, in a far away place were only the two existed to enjoy each others company and devour each other like it was their last day.  

Jimin's plump lips parted and a soft surprised giggle was released, "What is all this, it's so gorgeous." The cheerleader squeaked, he moved towards Jungkook's bed and picked up a single rose that lied over the soft plush pillow. His heart was racing a thousand beats per second, because it was exactly how the two envisioned their first time together and now Jimin understand what Jungkook was trying to do. 

Jimin spun around to see Jungkook stepping closer to him, his strong hands slide along his neck taking a hold of his head and crashing their lips together, biting on the lower plump lip with passionate desire and longing. Jimin felt the room spin, past his closed lids he could see a the candle flames, a bright light that made the room feel hotter but that might have just been Jungkook's fierce kisses. 

"I didn't wanna rush but I like you so damn much Jimin and I wanna officially be able to say that your mine and for you to say that I am yours." Jungkook expressed, he had taken a step back and held Jimin's dainty hand in his, he brought it up to his slender lips and left a deep kiss upon it. "So, do you feel the same?" Jungkook questioned confident on the outside but a nervous wreck on the inside.  

Jimin nodded his head, he leaped up and wrapped his legs around Jungkook's waist leaning forward to devour his lips again, not caring that his chest was feeling tight from the lack of oxygen because this moment was too sweet to part so soon from. "Yes, of course why did you take so long to ask me!" Jimin laughed pressing his forehead along Jungkook's forehead. 

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