chapter 17

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The doors to the dorm opened and Hoseok leaped up from his pillow with the intentions of greeting Taehyung with a kiss for picking up alcohol but when the handsome football player entered in with another familiar male Hoseok frowned and crossed his arms over his chest.

Hoseok could never dislike Yoongi, he was one of his best friends and really enjoyed the friendship and bond they created together but he found it odd how he and Taehyung contiuned on finding their way to each other all of a sudden and he was finding himself getting a little jealous.

"Hey, look who I found roaming around like an cute little lost kitty." Taehyung spoke in pout smiling down at Yoongi who was awkwardly shifting by the door. The last time he was in there was when Tahyung and Hoseok were about to have sex and all the other times it was to accompany Jimin to watch him change in and out of outfits, secretly admiring him and loving him from a close distance.

"Oh, Yoongi, I forgot about you. Didn't think you'd want to participate in this anyways considering...." Hoseok shrugged glancing over at Jimin who quickly turned way to set his eyes on his own thighs. Still regretting wearing that outfit because his thighs were exposed greatly, but the gentle feel of Jungkook's warm hand sliding on them made him change his opinion completely.

Jimin grinned up at Jungkook who did the same back not knowing that there was someone in the room dying with envy. "If you don't want me here I can go." Yoongi grumbled directing his eyes over to Jimin who was still refusing to stare in him in the eyes. Jimin felt like crap for getting angry at his best friend, it was no big deal of course but it made him uncomfortable that this whole time he was loving him romantically.

Taehyung set the brown bags of liquor and pack of beers down on the table, frowning over at Yoongi who was planning on leaving because no one was begging him to stay. "No, please dont leave. I want you here, and it'll be fun." Taehyung suggested hopefully, the goofy fond grin of his spreading across his face when Yoongi sighed out deeply and snatched a pillow to sit in between Seokjin and Hoseok.

The entire room was silent, there was an awkward aura that all of them could feel and Taehyung had no fucking idea why. "Alright, this is fucking ridiculous and bringing down the mood! Everyone take five shots no excuses just fucking chug them bitches down!" Taehyung demanded pouring out a generous amount of vodka into the plastic red cups and passing them around.

"Oh I can't do five shots Tae! I barely recovered from my hangover this morning!" Jimin mentioned frowning at the smell of alcohol that nearly burned off his eyebrows when he brought it close to his face. "I said drink damn it!" Taehyung ordered again crouching over to Jimin and tipping the plastic cup for the pretty cheerleader to drink faster but receiving a slap on the hand instead when Jimin fought back.

"Fine I'll drink, but don't let me drink too much please Jungkookie." Jimin pleaded with a pout to Jungkook who was nodding and wrapping his arm over the smallers back to bring him closer to him. Jungkook groaned out when he took his third shot, it was the most he's taken that fast and he knew that Taehyung was doing this shit on purpose to make him more lively and less reserved.

It took everyone about 15 minutes to finish the last drop of their fifth shot, each one of them cursing Taehyung for the stupid idea but as seconds passed all of them started to feel more comfortable with themselves and their surroundings. "Let the game begin!" Taehyung said plucking an empty bottle from the trash bin and setting it on the ground in the middle of their circle.

Taehyung wasted no time in spinning the bottle, smirking deviously at the first victim of truth or drink. "Oh shit, don't ask me something stupid please." Jimin pleaded when he saw the opening of the bottle settle in his direction. His fingers were starting to feel numb now and Jimin knew that he wouldn't be able to hold down another shot forcing him to answer whatever insane question Taehyung was pondering.

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