chapter 10

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Silence lingered all around Yoongi as he sat his cute little bottom along the diner booths, there was a slight pout on his lips and his eyebrows were furrowed deep along his adorably frustrated face. "Are you always this uptight? Chin up you're on a date with me." Taehyung chuckled when he caught a glimpse of his displeasure.

"I'm not uptight, I'm just hangry and who the hell ever said this was a fucking date? We are just two people eating together, nothing more." Yoongi snapped at Taehyung. He had barely given him a glance on the count that he was too busy scanning the pictures of the delicious meals that were shown on the menu brochure, slim fingers gripping with intensity.

A fond grin spread across Taehyung's face, it was enjoyable seeing Yoongi become flustered and hostile towards him because it was obvious that the cheerleader wasn't genuinely repulsed by him, the opposite in fact, Yoongi was very much attracted to Taehyung, I mean who the fuck wouldn't be?

A young waitress soon approached their table, "Good morning, can I take your order or do you two gentlemen need more time?" She questioned smiling widely at Yoongi before directing her gaze towards Taehyung and keeping them there. The football player was wearing a long sleeve shirt even though the weather was a little too warm for it, but even with his body covered up he still brought all the damn boys and girls to his yard.

"No, we can order now, the faster outta here the better." Yoongi grumbled, he pointed out his desired meal and drink then proceeded to scroll through his phone as he waited for Taehyung to do the same. Yoongi was scrolling through his text messages, swiping his fingers up and down always seeing the same name that he contemplated on reaching out to, Jimin.

"I bet he's having a great time with Jungkook, I bet he blurted out that he carried him and I'm so fucking sure that Jimin fucking hates me now. Why the fuck did I lie? Why the fuck didn't I just tell him the truth, fuck. I'm gonna lose my best friend over a pointless crush, over something that will never happen between us."  Yoongi thought to himself while he stared blankly at Jimin's contact information.

"Okay, I'll bring your orders very soon." The female waitress claimed before twirling away and rushing towards the kitchen that was out of the customers sight.

Yoongi hadn't noticed because he was still too immersed in his phone but Taehyung had leaned back on his side of the booth while he took in the details to Yoongi's pretty face and the way he concentrated hard on his mobile device like it was a midterm exam.

"You know it's very rude to be on your phone leaving your date all alone." Taehyung suggested making Yoongi frown, he glared up furiously at the male sitting across from him to see a devious smirk on his handsome face.

It was clear that Taehyung was getting a kick out of teasing him and as much was Yoongi wanted to lash out at him and tell him off he couldn't hide the fact that he was flattered that Taehyung would consider dating.

"If you dont stop calling this a date..." Yoongi lightly threatened, it was a sad attempt really because he was smiling and suppressing the giggle he wanted to release so badly.

"You'll what? Beat me up? Little do you know that I like playing rough, and tough cheerleaders are my favorite meal." Taehyung confessed in a husky growl that made Yoongi squirm in his seat, the hairs of his arms raised and a deep gulp could be seen from a mile away.

"I, you, uhm, when the hell is our food gonna arrive? I have a ton of assignments to do." Yoongi announced rubbing at his neck with one hand while the other gripped on tightly to his cellphone that he prayed rang soon so he could excuse himself from his situation he got himself with.

No eye contact at all could be made now because Yoongi could feel his face burning brightly, and it didn't help that Taehyung wouldn't stare at anyone else either.

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