chapter 54

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Jimin could hear Jungkook banging on the door but he didn't want to waste any time, not while Hyunwoo was doubled over on the ground, vulnerable and in his grasp. Jimin crouched over the older, his hands were shaking as he took a hold of the wallet in his jeans, and he was quickly scattering everything over the floor, tossing the cards all over until finally seeing the folded up polaroid that showed off the blissful moment he always found when he was with his sweet boyfriend.

"You fucking bastard, all this fucking shit and you still didn't get what you wanted. Fucking pathetic the lengths you went, I hope you rot in jail for this you piece of shit." Jimin spat and before he moved to stand Hyunwoo gripped at his ankle making him fall to his knees again. Jimin hardly paid any attention to the rug burn along his bare thighs when Hyunwoo dragged him roughly across the scratchy carpet because instantly he was hovering his heavier body over him.

Jimin had never been in this situation before, he's never felt this type of fear deep in his core, not even when he was at the top of the pyramid and falling blindly backwards could compare to the crippling dangers he found himself in. No one had ever tried to sexually assault Jimin, of course he was beyond scared, it was basic human reaction and he couldn't help but become paralyzed by terror when Hyunwoo smirked wickedly at him.

The sound of Jungkook and Taehyung's voices calling out to him from behind the door granted Jimin courage to fight against Hyunwoo, to pull himself together and save his own skin because he had always been fearless before this. Jimin was not going to let Hyunwoo violate him any further, he won't allow for the older vile man to win in the end, to take away all the confidence and strength it took him years to build up.

Jimin groaned when Hyunwoo set his weight over his petite body, he was wasting no time in leaning down and leaving sloppy kisses along his exposed neck, running his hand along the lovely thighs. "You dumb fucking bitch, spread you legs and just let me take what I came here for." Hyunwoo grunted out, grinding forward and ignoring how hard Jimin's heart was pounding in his chest, if anything the fear in him was fueling him into going further.

Jimin's hands were shaking, but he lifted them anyways and began pounding his fist hard along Hyunwoo's back making him part from his neck to glare down angrily at him. The sight of the campus security guards' furious eyes was only in Jimin's line of vision for a brief second because he drew his hand backward again and made his pretty knuckles and the rings along his fingers slam against Hyunwoo's facial bones before being met with the bottom of the cheerleader's shoe.

To say that Jungkook was worried would be considered an understatement because as long as Jimin continued to be locked in the room with Hyunwoo then he would not have a piece of mind. Jungkook rattled the door knob, shaking it and wanting to tear it off its hinges to get to Jimin, to hold his boyfriend close and protect him but nothing was working, the door wouldn't budge and the key pass was utterly useless at this fucking point.

"I'm gonna go see if I can get an extra one at the front desk." Jungkook heard Hoseok exclaim frantically before rushing off into a different direction while Taehyung approached him, shoving his shoulder onto the door harder than he did during football games. There was a pulsing sound in Jungkook's ear, his heart was beating fast and tons of possible scenarios were going through his brain, horrible images of Jimin being violated.

Jungkook was banging forcefully on the door and the sound of Yoongi on the phone requesting for the police to arrive didn't ever reach his hearing neither did the sound of Taehyung calling out to Jimin, everything around him went unnoticed. Jungkook hated this plan from the start, the idea of Jimin being fed to the creep that was extorting him seemed insane to him and he was wishing that he could've stopped this from happening, had enough power to never let any harm come to his precious boyfriend.

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